Democratic Candidate for Michigan Governor Voted in 2012 GOP Primary

July 24, 2014

Mark Schauer, the Democratic candidate for governor in Michigan, voted in the 2012 Republican primary, likely for Rick Santorum in order to embarrass Mitt Romney in his home state.

But Schauer, a former congressman, has discouraged activists from meddling in this year’s competitive GOP primaries, including a closely watched House race outside Detroit. Michigan’s primary is Aug. 5.

“If you’re a Democrat, my feeling is you should get behind people that are in your primary and support them,” the candidate said at a campaign event, video of which was posted on YouTube by the Michigan GOP.

Schauer acknowledges casting an absentee Republican ballot, but a spokesman refused to say who he voted for in 2012, calling the way a person votes “private.”

In 2012, with Romney marching toward the GOP nomination, some Democrats crossed over to support Santorum. They wanted to extend the Republican nominating process as a way to strengthen President Barack Obama, as Republicans had meddled in the 2008 primaries with “Operation Chaos.”

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