Delaware Governor Emphasizes Economy, Infrastructure in State of the State Speech

January 23, 2014

Gov. Jack Markell used his State of the State address today to propose spending $500 million in additional taxpayer money over the next five years to improve the state's roads and bridges, create an initiative to clean up the state's waterways, teach manufacturing skills to high school students and create a new investigative unit to combat gun trafficking.

Markell did not say how he would pay for road improvements, or waterway cleanup, in today's speech but is likely to expand on his proposals when he delivers his budget recommendation next week.

Markell said, under his proposal, the state will spend $1.1 billion on roads over the next five years, $500 million more than currently planned.

"Infrastructure investments create high-paying, middle-class jobs today and they lay the foundation for future prosperity," Markell said in his prepared remarks. "It’s time to stop complaining about the sorry shape of our Transportation Trust Fund and fix the underlying issue."

The economy was a thread throughout Markell's speech.

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