Californians Opposed to High-Speed Rail

February 12, 2014

Californians would vote to end California’s $68-billion high-speed rail project, a new Probolsky Research poll has found.

Across the state, 54 percent of voters oppose the state’s high-speed rail plan and, if given the chance to vote on a statewide ballot measure, 43 percent of voters say they would definitely vote to end the controversial project, according to the Probolsky Research poll released today. “California voters have been consistent in their opposition to spending on high speed rail since 2011,” said Adam Probolsky, chairman and CEO of Probolsky Research.

While voters initially embraced the concept of a bullet train from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Probolsky says that a poor outreach effort has slowly undermined public support.

“The concept is fantastic,” he said. “The execution, especially the outreach effort that could have garnered public support for the project, has been a fantastic failure.”

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