Victoria’s Secret Owner Tasked with Making Ohio’s Image Sexier

December 19, 2013

Ohio, known for heavy industry, is turning for marketing help to the owner of Victoria’s Secret, known for push-up brassieres.

Governor John Kasich said Les Wexner, founder of Columbus-based L Brands Inc. (LB), which owns Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, has agreed to help sell Ohio, which the governor said is overlooked. While California has an ocean, the Buckeye State’s charms often aren’t discovered unless someone moves there and “the cool factor matters,” Kasich said.

“I don’t know whether we’re going to have a Victoria’s Secret-type marketing plan for Ohio, but it isn’t a bad thought, is it?” Kasich said during a year-end review event today with legislative and Ohio Chamber of Commerce leaders in Columbus.

Kasich said while the details of what Wexner would do haven’t been worked out, the two men had a conversation and Wexner said he would “take a whack at it.”

“The guy’s a brilliant marketer, and we couldn’t have anybody better,” Kasich told reporters after the event.

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