Nebraska's State Auditor Joins Governor's Race

February 13, 2014

In the end, Mike Foley chose the road less easily traveled.

Rather than seek almost certain re-election as state auditor, Foley filed Wednesday as a candidate for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, opting to remain in the race he had originally chosen, despite the late entry of Attorney General Jon Bruning and the challenge of an expensive contest.

"I am going to put it all on the line," Foley said as he walked across the corridor from his office to the Secretary of State's office to officially enter the crowded GOP gubernatorial derby.

"Nothing has changed but the field of candidates," he said.

"I'm going for the two-point conversion because Nebraska deserves to win," he said, repeating words he used when he originally announced his intentions in the Capitol Rotunda in September.

Foley's declaration ended growing speculation in political circles that he might bow out of the race and follow the safe route to almost certain re-election now that the six-man Republican gubernatorial scramble counts two heavyweight opponents with name recognition and established fund-raising prowess.

The field includes Bruning, who suddenly jumped into the contest last weekend, and 2006 Senate nominee Pete Ricketts. Foley would count as the third top-tier candidate in the early stages of the race to the May 13 primary election.

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