Missouri May Be 3rd State with 3-Day Waiting Period for Abortions

May 15, 2014

Missouri lawmakers sent to Gov. Jay Nixon on Wednesday a bill that would triple the mandatory waiting period for an abortion.

The bill would make Missouri one of only three states with a 72-hour wait between state-required counseling and an abortion. Although 26 states including Missouri have some waiting period, Utah and South Dakota are the only ones requiring 72 hours.

Supporters of lengthening the current 24-hour wait argue that women need more time to consider their decision and that it would reduce the number of abortions. Some House members who oppose abortion said even a 72-hour wait was not sufficient.

Others said the wait was small in comparison with the life that might be saved.

“This is going to give people the proper time to actually think about what they’re doing,” said Rep. Donna Lichtenegger, R-Jackson. “I think that life is an important issue, and I don’t think that 72 hours is too long to think about a life.”

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