Idaho Lawmaker Not Resigning Despite Rape Scandal

December 17, 2013

Republican Rep. Mark Patterson, under scrutiny by his own party following revelations of a 1974 Florida rape case, said Monday he won't run for re-election in 2014 but was still considering whether he'll serve in the upcoming Legislature.

Patterson, of Boise, made the comments a day ahead of a GOP meeting Tuesday, when he could be asked to resign by local party officials.
Sen. Fred Martin, among Republicans from Boise's District 15 urging Patterson to resign, said he remains hopeful the first-term lawmaker will step down before the precinct committee gathers on Tuesday.
For more than a month, Patterson has been the focus of attention after the Idaho Statesman reported he failed to disclose the 39-year-old guilty plea in a Florida rape case when he applied for a permit to carry a concealed weapon in 2007. Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney revoked Patterson's permit in late October, contending his criminal record makes him ineligible.
Patterson, however, contends he did nothing wrong, insisting he pleaded guilty 39 years ago because he was frightened, had spent time in jail and was told by his lawyer the incident would be removed from his record. Still, he won't run for office, saying he always planned a short tenure.
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