Idaho GOP to Elect New Leader Saturday

August 1, 2014

Idaho Republicans are poised to elect a new party leader after spending months entrenched in political infighting over who should have control of the state's GOP.

The state central committee, which serves as the Republican Party's governing body, will gather for a special meeting Saturday in Boise to vote on new party officers, including a party chairman.

It's a meeting many hope marks the end of a drawn out saga between Idaho's far right conservatives and traditional Republicans. Tensions between the two factions meant the party's convention in Moscow ended in chaos.

For the first time in 60 years, Republicans failed to elect any new party officers, resolutions or platforms after both sides attempted to use parliamentary challenges at the convention to gain the upper hand. Instead, the delegates adjourned without accomplishing anything.

Immediately following the convention, former chairman and tea party favorite Barry Peterson said he was still in charge— going as far to file a lawsuit to maintain his reign. A district judge eventually ruled his term expired at the convention's adjournment.

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