Highest-Ranking Educator Pleads Guilty in Atlanta Cheating Case

February 18, 2014

The former head of human resources for Atlanta Public Schools pleaded guilty Monday, the highest-ranking educator to admit wrongdoing in the widespread cheating case.

Millicent Few, 55, said in a plea agreement with prosecutors that former Superintendent Beverly Hall was aware of cheating and ordered her to destroy investigations of suspicious score increases on standardized tests.

Few will likely play a key role as a witness for the prosecution when the case against the remaining defendants goes to trial, said Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter.

“You were up at the top, and the state, it appears, needs you as an important witness in this case. It’s their position that you observed it first-hand,” Baxter said.

She also agreed to cooperate in the ongoing case against the remaining defendants accused of conspiring to cheat, including Hall.

Hall has pleaded not guilty, and her attorneys have denied wrongdoing.