Last Updated: Wednesday, Nov. 6, 11:25 a.m.

Governing has been closely tracking the 2013 elections. What follows is the results from the most important state and local races and ballot initiatives across the country.  

State and Local Race Results
An overview of what happened in statewide, legislative and mayoral races. READ MORE  

Washington State Joins California in Saying No to GMO Labeling
This is the third time a ballot measure to label genetically-engineered foods has failed in about a decade. But state legislatures have helped the movement stay alive. READ MORE

Colorado's $1 Billion Tax Hike for Education Defeated
Colorado voters voiced strong opposition to a tax hike that would have funded a broad package of school initiatives that generated wide interest among national policymakers and academics. READ MORE 

Texas Voters Authorize $2 Billion for Water Infrastructure
Plagued by drought, voters in the Lone Star State approved a plan to use rainy day funds to pay for projects that will preserve or expand the state's water supply. READ MORE

Texas Becomes Last State to Allow Reverse Home Mortgages
Texas voters have approved a measure that makes it easier for older homeowners to downsize their homes without getting hit twice on closing costs. READ MORE 

New Jersey Approves Minimum Wage Hike
Voters approved a constitutional amendment that increases the state's minimum wage to $8.25 and ties future increases to inflation. READ MORE

Cincinnati Voters Reject Pension Reform
Cincinnatians voted four to one against a ballot measure that would close off Cincinnati’s current pension system to new employees and reduce benefits for current employees. READ MORE

Seattle Voters Reject Public Financing of Council Campaigns
Seattle voters rejected a ballot measure that would have made the city one of a handful that match private contributions with public funds in city council races. READ MORE

Houston Voters Reject Rehabilitation of Astrodome
The decision likely means the structure -- once home to the Oilers and Astros -- will be demolished. READ MORE

 Detroit Elects Former Hospital CEO as Next Mayor
Mike Duggan, the former head of the Detroit Medical Center, is the city's first white mayor in 40 years. READ MORE