Ex-Idaho State Senator Among Arrested Protesters

February 4, 2014

Police led those arrested to a nearby room, cited each for trespassing and released them to break up the protest midmorning.

The incident was planned for about two months, including a two-hour training on how protesters could remain peaceful and silent, said organizer and former Idaho Sen. Nicole LeFavour. The group set up at the Capitol at about 8 a.m. Monday.

The demonstrators wore black-and-white “Add the 4 Words Idaho” T-shirts and covered their mouths with their hands, a symbolic gesture intended to call attention to a bill that would add the words — “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” — to Idaho law banning discrimination in employment, housing and business services. Idaho Republicans have blocked passage of such a proposal for eight years, and they have declined to hold a hearing on such a plan this year.

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