TABLE of CONTENTS December 2010

Cover Story

A Cap-and-Trade Program That Works

BY John Buntin

Northeastern states have developed an efficient way to reduce greenhouse gases. So why won't the feds follow suit?


America's Oldest Town Hall Meeting

The 267-year-old tradition is alive and well in Pelham, Mass. BY Tod Newcombe

The Pros and Cons of Privatizing Government Functions

Outsourcing may seem like a perfect solution for deficit-plagued governments, but the morning after can bring some unpleasant surprises. BY Russell Nichols

The Nation's Evolving Cyber-Security Issue

Are states shoring up their defenses enough to protect critical data and computer infrastructure? BY Tod Newcombe

Five Reasons Why Cybersecurity Should Be a Priority for Public Officials

Without action, government investments in information, communications and technology improvements could be derailed. BY Dan Lohrmann



Maintaining Productivity During the Holidays

State and local officials are thinking pragmatically this holiday season. BY Andy Kim

Politics + Policy

Public Safety & Justice

States Get Tough on Bullies

States and localities across the country are adopting tougher anti-bullying laws. BY Andy Kim
Economic Development

Rethinking Urban Poverty

More "cradle-to-career" programs are springing in an effort to rescue poverty-stricken neighborhoods across the country. BY Andy Kim

Why is Election Day Always a Tuesday?

Does holding elections on a workday contribute to low voter turnout? BY Andy Kim

Republicans Flip the 'Electoral Backstop'

If a presidential election results in a tie in the electoral college, the election is then thrown into a GOP-controlled House. BY Elizabeth Daigneau
Potomac Chronicle

Dealing With Deficits in Anti-Big Government Administrations

Governors who campaigned against stimulus spending face hard choices. BY Andy Kim

The School Bus Seat Belt Debate

Legislators face opposition in passing school bus seat belt laws, but support is growing. BY Andy Kim
Health & Human Services

The Effects of California and Colorado's Immunization Schemes

Two states exempt their kids from vaccinations -- but pertussis is rampant in only one. BY Andy Kim
Energy & Environment

Weatherization Starting to Gain Steam

The federal weatherization program was bogged down in red tape, but it’s recovering. BY Andy Kim
Economic Engines

Bicycles' Popularity Grows in Cities

Bicycling has become fashionable. Urban and transportation policymakers take note. BY Andy Kim
Urban Notebook

Managing Cities' Growing Volunteer Pools

Cities are using new grant money to install ‘chief volunteer officers.’ BY Andy Kim

Problem Solver


One Florida County Keeps Foreclosure-Stricken Neighborhoods Afloat

Miami-Dade County is keeping its neighborhoods fit despite the default-mortgage mess. BY Andy Kim
Smart Management

Administrative Cuts Affect Governments' Functionality

Deep managerial workforce cuts change how tightly and rightly governments run. BY Andy Kim
Tech Talk

A Better Brand of Information Security

A U.S. Defense official leads the charge for a less restrictive, more effective approach. BY Andy Kim
Public Money

Bending the Medical-Cost Curve

Health-care reformers say it can be done. Girard Miller doubts it. BY Zach Patton

New Mexico's Mold-Breaking New Governor

Susana Martinez’s win in New Mexico’s gubernatorial election means she’ll be the nation’s first Latina governor. BY Andy Kim