Scottsdale Librarians Call Ghost Hunters, Attracting Visitors

As part of their adult programming, the Scottsdale Public Library invited local investigators to search for paranormal activity. What librarians found was an increase in interest and visits.
by | October 28, 2010

Imagine reading a book by yourself in a quiet aisle of the library. If you heard voices or movements, despite knowing you were the only person in the area, would you wonder if there were ghosts around? Librarians at the Scottdale Public Library wanted to investigate if there was something spooky between the stacks, so they invited a local paranormal investigation group to visit two branches. The investigations, conducted free of charge, were part of the Scottsdale Public Library's fall schedule of programs, which are often produced with volunteers or community partners at no cost. The investigation team toured the libraries and took audio samples, which the library posted on its website for visitors to decide if the library was, in fact, haunted. Community Relations Coordinator Ann Betts said that the programs attracted double the usual attendance and customers have asked librarians about the investigations and if they've experienced anything out of the ordinary. In addition, the events have "slightly increased" the number of calls to the call center and number of people visiting the library and website.

Tina Trenkner
Tina Trenkner | Deputy Editor, |  |  @tinatrenkner