Federal Employees By State

The federal government currently employs just over 2 million full-time employees, excluding Postal Service workers.

States with the most federal civilian employees as of December 2016 include California (141,158), Virginia (136,377), Maryland (130,402) and Texas (114,170). The vast majority of all federal employees -- about 79 percent -- work outside the D.C. region.

The U.S. Postal Service, a quasi-governmental agency, employs by far the single largest segment of the civilian federal workforce. Other agencies employing the most civilian employees include the Army, Navy and Department of Veterans Affairs.

There were another approximately 1.3 million active duty military serving in 2016. (See totals by state here.)

Choose a state below to view its federal employment totals and agency-level statistics for select larger agencies. Civilian employment figures are current as of December 2016 and do not include job totals for the Postal Service and several smaller agencies.