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St. Paul Looks for Partners to Confront Sticker Shock of Brownfield Infrastructure Renewal

The City of St. Paul | February 16, 2016

The City of St. Paul, MN is a finalist in the third round of the City Accelerator, which is focused on finding viable and sustainable ways of funding public infrastructure. Your feedback on its story map will inform final selection of the cities. 

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What is St. Paul proposing?

The city of Saint Paul is looking for innovative financing tools to help offset the high upfront costs of addressing stormwater management issues that are stifling the progress of three large-scale brownfield redevelopment projects.  The City Accelerator would help build the city’s capacity to develop cross-departmental and partnership-based solutions to address the full spectrum of infrastructure funding needs including construction, operation, maintenance, and replacement costs. Lessons learned from the cohort would potentially impact the roles, responsibilities, and management practices across many city agencies involved in capital project finance and implementation.


A detailed description of the mission and purpose of the City Accelerator’s cohort on funding public infrastructure.

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