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Pittsburgh’s 700 Public Stairways with No Visible Means of (Financial) Support

The City of Pittsburgh | February 16, 2016

The City of Pittsburgh, PA is a finalist in the third round of the City Accelerator, which is focused on finding viable and sustainable ways of funding public infrastructure. Your feedback on its story map will inform final selection of the cities.

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What is Pittsburgh proposing?

The city of Pittsburgh is proposing to focus their time in the City Accelerator on developing a finance package and increasing project management capacity to systematically repair hundreds of municipally-owned assets including 700+ sets of public stairways that provide safe passage to main roads and transit. Pittsburgh’s unique topography renders residents, especially low-income residents, dependent on these stairways on a daily basis. Ensuring they are well-lit and in good repair will require some creative thinking, partnerships inside and beyond the municipal government, and consideration of underutilized financing models. The City Accelerator would help top officials in Pittsburgh take a comprehensive planning approach to infrastructure planning and consider opportunities to improve the statutory environment to increase the flow of monetary and management resources to projects.


A detailed description of the mission and purpose of the City Accelerator’s cohort on funding public infrastructure.

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