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Sustaining Innovation for Impact in Louisville

the City of Louisville | June 30, 2014

This summary is a part of Louisville’s application to the City Accelerator, through which cities would advance urban innovations that will have a significant impact in the lives of their residents, especially low-income residents. Watch the city’s pitch video, read the summary, and rate their submission on its potential to: impact low-income people; expand innovation by the city; and, scale to other cities.
What is Louisville proposing?
In Louisville, KY., the structure of innovation is changing. As the Bloomberg Philanthropies-funded Innovation Delivery Team (IDT) phases out, Louisville’s Office of Performance Improvement (OPI) is slated to grow. Louisville wants to institutionalize the innovation capacity gained through IDT. The City Accelerator could play a crucial role to help Louisville systematize processes that will sustain  its long-term ability to deliver better and increasingly innovative government services by: 1) building new capabilities in OPI; and 2) taking advantage of opportunities to coordinate with the continuing citizen-driven innovation projects in Louisville’s Office of Civic Innovation. 
How will it accomplish this?
As part of the first cohort in the City Accelerator, Louisville would: 
  • build on the work of the Bloomberg Innovation Delivery Team to embed innovation practices in the heart of city government, with heavy engagement from the mayor;
  • specifically apply innovative practices to three critical issues: 1) vacant and abandoned properties; 2) fire and EMT services; 3) residents dually diagnosed with mental illness and substance abuse; and 
  • establish capacity-building relationships with community partners around these three critical issues. 

( 124 ratings )


Jim Smith    on: Mar 18    

I would like to receive updates on the City Accelerator

Mary    on: Aug 13    

This sounds like classic bureaucratic speak for we will figure out what to do with the money when we get it.

Suzanne    on: Jul 29    

while stating that they want to improve air quality, vacant/abandoned building issues, citizen health and fire protection, I didn't hear any concrete ideas.

Kevin    on: Jul 23    

Long on vague adjectives and short on details

Sandy Pooler    on: Jul 22    

A bit too much of a pitch for the Mayor. Not clear enough about what this program will accomplish. Yes EMS and fire services are important to people, but it was not clear what the challenge of providing those services is; it is funding? information? outreach?

CK    on: Jul 21    

We need to believe that you really can innovate government otherwise if you continue to do what you've always done you'll continue to get what you've already got. This team really has great thinkers and think money could make then great DOERS. I love the comment that this is a big city AND a small town so these dollars would go along way and have findings that could scale appropriately for big and small towns alike.

Councilwoman Scott    on: Jul 21    

I love my city and will be the first to critique a policy, practice or procedure that needs improving. In this instance, I really like the work that we are doing collaboratively to address the abandoned and vacant properties crisis, and I like the focus on innovation.

David A Watkins State Representative    on: Jul 20    

I would like to see the University of Louisville more involved, since it is an extremely innovative and great resource

Howard    on: Jul 17    

Whiteboard format caught my attention, initially. Having visited Louisville, I know the natural beauty of the area, and believe both the rolling hills and urban landscape should have been included. As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, the mention of "Lean" also caught my attention. Opening up the innovation discussion to the community will most certainly bring "quick wins" to Louisville! Good job!

ivan k    on: Jul 17    

Nice approach to the pitch. I left wanting more about the 'how', rather than the 'what', which the video did a good job of illustrating. By the way, there are two misspellings: "breakthrough" and "key goals".

Julio Guerrero    on: Jul 16    

This is a great presentation. I like the way in which the plan includes a mechanism for engaging ideas from the community, funding/piloting them, and then scaling. This can work in cities and communities across the country.

Mike Sewell    on: Jul 16    

I love the pitch and the format. Louisville needs this!

Emily H.    on: Jul 15    

It sounds like the city has a lot of great ideas, many of which will impact all residents, and gave examples of how the innovations would impact low-income residents, but the ideas themselves seem more broad. In this way, the expansion of innovation by the city is clear. Six Sigma and Lean Startup method are very straightforward and highly scalable.

M. Peterson    on: Jul 15    

Sounds to me like the mayor said, "Go find somebody to refill your rice bowl."

ss    on: Jul 15    

Louisville in high illegal solid waste state; don't trust their city govt real changes

   on: Jul 15    

Adding staff while a grant is ending with no certainty of future funding is "old school" in a bad way. Good ideas though.

Aimee    on: Jul 14    

I love Louisville's team of highly qualified, compassionate, and professional representatives. The creativity and innovation they put into this video and the city's strategic plan is inspiring, and with the help of this program, will only continue to push the city forward.

Justin    on: Jul 14    

This is really good. Strong team, great ideas, awesome cultural city that is poised for a breakout.

Brian Scantland    on: Jul 14    

Proven results poised for further growth? What's not to like?

Ben Reno-Weber    on: Jul 14    

These ideas are innovative and the team is amazing

Mike B    on: Jul 14    

The use of the person drawing throughout the presentation was way over the top - I would have appreciated a little of it interspersed with other types of presentation. Not sure that I would provide funding to essentially a non project - just want to figure out how to innovate doesn't do much for me

Mike B    on: Jul 14    

This presentation was off putting to me - with too much use of meaningless words - need more specifics

Jon    on: Jul 14    

Clear path for moving forward by focusing on 3 very critical issues. Keep up the good work Louisville!

Lynn Ervin    on: Jul 14    

Love the message and how it was delivered. It looks like they are already starting the process and just need to continue to move forward.

   on: Jul 14    

not much detail on the innovative practices to be aplied to each issue

   on: Jul 14    

seems like they should have found a more innovative way of funding a program that was started with grant funding besides getting another grant.

   on: Jul 14    

Did not like presentation.

   on: Jul 14    

Creative, but would like to see more about the collaboration of existing resources.

Anon    on: Jul 14    

An important suite of issues, they may be splitting their attentions a little too much for a full score of a 5.

   on: Jul 14    

I can only wish that Albuquerque's administration understood what Louisville's does as regards the importance of mitigating blight and its effects on attracting and keeping innovative employers.

JCochran    on: Jul 14    

Needs overall organizing concept- very worthwhile individual efforts

Bridget    on: Jul 14    

Louisville is an up-and-coming city in Kentucky, and by far the state's most progressive city. Right now the city seems to be at a crossroads, where one direction will make it a leader in urban renewal and where the other direction will lead down a path of stagnation. Louisville would really benefit from a program like this one.

Elizabeth Jones    on: Jul 12    

Innovation is what helps cities grow, Louisville is looking at creative ways to govern and develop and is seeking to enhance citizen engagement.

Jacob    on: Jul 11    

Louisville is a progressive city passionate about its citizens and dedicated to the social growth of Kentucky.

Shambra    on: Jul 11    

Louisville really need this kind of change!

Viki Pimentel    on: Jul 11    

Happy to see Louisville always striving to stay ahead. Great effort!

Lynn Fralick    on: Jul 11    

Mayor Fischer and his team have done an excellent job with touching all people who call Louisville their home. A city where all ideas are welcomed.

Catie    on: Jul 10    

Aren't there already Social Enterprise non-profits that exist for this exact purpose that the City could work with? This isn't innovative, as it already exists, is accessible nationwide and other cities already have teams that fulfill this role. The accelerator shouldn't reward a city that hasn't already maximized what's been laid out for them by other cities.

Charlie Bennett    on: Jul 8    

This pitch starts from an already proven project with positive results. Issues are defined and achievable.