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Bringing Community Voice to Fuel Entrepreneurial Innovations and Economic Equity in Albuquerque

the City of Albuquerque | June 30, 2014

This summary is a part of Albuquerque’s application to the City Accelerator, through which cities would advance urban innovations that will have a significant impact in the lives of their residents, especially low-income residents. Watch the city’s pitch video, read the summary, and rate their submission on its potential to: impact low-income people; expand innovation by the city; and, scale to other cities.

What is Albuquerque proposing?

The City of Albuquerque, N.M., is leading an effort to revitalize its downtown district. To ensure the policies and practices involved in this effort are truly reflective of community needs, the city will engage residents in 90-day action plans to brainstorm, test, refine and retest ideas to create a community of entrepreneurs.

How will it accomplish this? 

As part of the first cohort in the City Accelerator, Albuquerque would:

  • develop 90-day “bursts of energy,” including “community feedback loops,” which will allow the city and its constituents to act together quickly and cut through red tape;
  • incorporate community voice into cross-departmental solution building so the city’s economic development strategies reflect the rich and multifaceted nature of the city’s economic activity; and,
  • help city leaders transform their thinking to support innovation, risk-taking and ownership of their ideas, initiatives and problem solving.  
( 642 ratings )


CJTobias    on: Jul 31    

As Albuquerque comes together our community grows stronger. This vision impacts those who are launching new businesses and those who need a little extra support to realize their dreams too.

   on: Jul 30    


Marion Bechdel    on: Jul 29    

First class. The background music sets a fast upbeat tempo - which is what is needed to show a commitment to challenge. Downtown is a real resource that we have just begun to tap into. What is going to be needed in the future is more road space and more convenient low cost parking without overcrowding the downtown area. I suggest maybe large parking lots developed a mile or so out of downtown and free transportation back and forth to the parking areas. Even using something like the old trams we used to have "Molly-Trolley" taking people the few blocks to and from downtown. Get some gas-free electric systems.

SUZANNE    on: Jul 29    

The ideas proposed sound helpful as long as there is parking near the retailers and low 'red tape' for those trying to start a business. Hopefully the Innovation Corridor won't be gentrified and push people out which will defeat the purpose of this initiative. With 1/2 of the State's population dwelling within the city limits the success of your initiative could make a large impact.

Linda    on: Jul 29    

Albuquerque is the Mother Story Teller - it draws people to it and romances them with the chili and blue skies. Tells them stories of long ago and then brings them current to today and the need for understanding and compassion for all its peoples.

Matthew maez    on: Jul 29    

What is happening with the rail yards is incredible! Lets keep the momentum going with Innovate ABQ and these other great projects.

Conner    on: Jul 29    

Albuquerque is a growing city, and this funding will give the city the extra boost it needs to really establish itself on this map. I was born and raised in Albuquerque and I believe that this will help show the beauty that the city holds. If we can keep people here, and bring more people here; we can build this city to one of the nation's greatest.

Jeanette Miller Brahl    on: Jul 28    

Albuquerque's prospects for the future are very bright, but that's no surprise when people gather with positive change as the goal. Cross-sector planning? Check. Collective impact? Check. Bold ideas? Check, check!!

Marla Wood    on: Jul 28    

Albuquerque is an amazing city of extraordinary people. The challenges are great, but the possibilities are limitless. We are poised. We are ready. We are determined. And not just for the good of a few of us. We are all in this together.

Barbara Northrop    on: Jul 28    

I'd really like to see Albuquerque win this award as Mayor Berry and his committee truly have the intention and the ability to recreate and revitalize the very heart of the city which is so desperately in need of funds to do this.

Tiba D    on: Jul 28    

The pitch has great focus and the energy to inspire and accomplish positive change. These changes will positively impact all ABQ citizens and New Mexico as a whole. The idea (which begins at the heart of ABQ) is innovative and achievable and can be transferred to other communities.

Jesse Pecoraro    on: Jul 27    

As our economic center, these efforts to improve Albuquerque are vital to our development as a state. As one of the poorest states in the Union, an endeavor of this magnitude is essential to catalyzing real and positive change for all of the citizens of New Mexico.

Erin Muffoletto    on: Jul 24    

Great opportunity for Albuquerque!

Angela Cordova    on: Jul 24    

I am an educator at a high school in Albuquerque and I have seen Mayor Richard Berry Reach out to business, educators and students and by doing this has positively impacted the youth of Albuquerque. I had just last semester 20 out of 35 seniors participate in initiatives that Mayor Berry has implemented and most would never have graduated with out them. This is not just a Pitch or all talk he has already started this momentum and I hope for our city's and country sake that it continues because our youth and city needs help. I voted for a republican for the first time in my life because he is effecting positive change that will help the economy as a whole.

Cambria Happ    on: Jul 23    

When I graduated from UNM and left Albuquerque, the downtown area was just beginning its revitalization. I am inspired to see the changes made in the last 12 years and support sustainable development of the city.

Jean    on: Jul 22    

I like the ways in which this plan is about integrating the edges and creating crossovers. I also like the focus on the downtown as an innovation hub. It is well pitched and gives me a real sense of how it will work. Refreshing to see the entrepreneurs include Main Street and Established Entrepreneurs.

Michele Matisse    on: Jul 22    

I am a native of Denver but I admit I am very disappointed in the pitch submitted by my hometown. In my opinion Albuquerque has a more innovative plan to improve the quality of life for it's poorest residents. It sounds as though the leadership has considered viable ways to help all of the residents of Albuquerque improve their lives while growing the economy and business opportunities for low income residents.

Sandy Pooler    on: Jul 22    

Another one that overemphasized the Mayor. A lot of buzzwords, but where is the beef? Another program that seems to put a lot of faith in private sector solutions.

Ann-Mary MacLeod    on: Jul 22    

Albuquerque has more momentum now than ever before to secure a vital economy. Anchoring this effort in the Downtown district will build on this momentum helping to build the job market, insure innovation, and grow a viable economy in a time when we have seen growth and are still stuck in the recession.

Caerllion Thomas    on: Jul 22    

Railyards and downtown are so integral to the vitality of our region. I hope ABQ can really make a difference. We are a low-income city that really needs this infusion.

LAL    on: Jul 22    

If I'm rating the "video pitch" then it was okay. If I am rating the city based on its needs and acknowledging the people in ABQ who are dedicated to the cause then it is absolutely a worthy and beneficial pitch! Honestly, I don't know how one creates a pitch in 5 minutes that could possibly encompass the heart of the matter. All of the cities on the list are great cities and no doubt have necessity, however, Albuquerque is truly unique among those cities and it is a smaller city than most of the others, which makes me think that the funds could go much further and have more impact. We moved to ABQ 10years ago from a much bigger city and live in downtown ABQ. We fully expected to see and feel improvement much sooner than 10 years, however, we have come to recognize that it is a SLOW process here in NM. Hopefully the people who are in the planning stages have a grasp on how to "accelerate" improvement and get around the obstacles that seem to be ever present in this city. Perhaps this type of push and support would fan the spark that already exists. There is no question that there is support and passion in this city. Getting the momentum going is what Albuquerque needs. It is a start... I hope others see our unique need the way we do and as much as we do! This is a great place to live. The great quality of life in ABQ must be across the board and all-inclusive in order to meet the needs of the entire community. I believe that the plan has the intent to impact low-income people in a positive way. It can be a win win situation. The city needs this boost!

Julia Takahashi    on: Jul 21    

Albuquerque and the whole state of New Mexico are losing the younger population as they move to other parts of the country in search of jobs and new business opportunities. Albuquerque needs this project to build and attract new businesses that offer opportunities and positive challenges for our young people.

Stuart Butzier    on: Jul 21    

I have witnessed first-hand the unbending commitment of the City of Albuquerque, the University of New Mexico, and the local business community, to making the grand vision of this innovation project a reality. I grew up in a place where it did not take much to convince my contemporaries and I to leave, and now my wife and I are fortunate to have raised three sons in a community where they have a strong desire to stay to pursue opportunities in a tolerant, multi-cultural environment. This community can and will create those opportunities, and will do so fairly and inclusively. I'm convinced of that.

Carla    on: Jul 21    

It is about time Albuquerque make the move to regenerate what we already have here...instead of sprawl. Our economy needs this badly

Sarah    on: Jul 21    

Huge potential impact on multiple neighborhoods and groups of people!

Eric Baca    on: Jul 21    

Good idea!

Tara    on: Jul 21    

Great potential to enhance the "heart" of the city. Please don't leave organizations like ABQ Heading Home and The Albuquerque Rescue Mission out of these discussions.

Conner    on: Jul 21    

This is exactly what the city needs. The funding that this project will bring will be used in the most efficient manner to better our city in so many different ways. Revitalizing downtown Albuquerque will bring new people to the city, and will keep the people of Albuquerque home.

Deborah Owe    on: Jul 21    

Albuquerque is moving forward and our citizens are investing in that effort and this proposal just enhances the work already being done.

Rachael    on: Jul 21    

Albuquerque is a wonderful place to live and could greatly benefit from this grant to encourage the budding revitalization taking place downtown!

Stuart Rose    on: Jul 21    

Terrific opportunity to have a dramatic impact on the future of Albuquerque

Rick DeReyes    on: Jul 21    

Albuquerque's willingness to reinvent itself and its historical areas is an inspiration to all cities. This plan will impact all economic levels and continue the city's dynamic development. Proud to make Albuquerque my home!

Roberta Eads    on: Jul 21    

Kudos! This is a strategic and creative approach to provide an excellent opportunity to grow our community! Revitalization that offers our most needed community segment access to services to successfully support their future…outstanding!

Steven Watson    on: Jul 20    

A well thought out comprehensive plan that will help everyone in our city and our state have a better quality of life!

Julie    on: Jul 20    

Albuquerque is always behind the curve of the rest of the country. It's time our city was fully put on the map! I'm proud to call Albuquerque home and can't wait to see what this revitalization will do for it.

Angelo Baca    on: Jul 20    

Burque's Downtown needs some improvement and this plan is likely to help our city move forward.

Chico    on: Jul 20    

Albuquerque is the best!

angelo    on: Jul 20    

Albuquerque is bigger than i thought.

Pattie    on: Jul 19    

We really need this grant. The lifeblood of a city is its people. We desperately need to work to get this grant. The downtown area is a wonderful area which does very much reflect the community. It has been hard to get people to continually invest since everything in the NM economy has been depressed for so long. The hope that we can hold on until a better economy come around without doing something to jumpstart it gets old. We need to invest in ourselves and our future. Demonstrating that necessity is the mother of invention would build on the ingenuity of our people which would have a positive influence with low income families and those who really don't want a handout, but a hand up. We can all contribute to the success and work together to make it happen. I think the plan to invest in smaller plans which focus on entrepreneurs is exactly what can help our city and state. Many people need the dignity of work to give them a valuable sense of being necessary. We can all do a part, and maybe we will succeed. Working together, there is no way we can fail. Good luck Albuquerque . . . we are counting on you!

Tom Novak    on: Jul 19    


Patsy Nelson    on: Jul 18    

This collaborative effort demonstrates Albuquerque's commitment to working with important community partners to empower low-income people to use their creativity and initiative to develop solutions that can improve their economic conditions and those of the community as a whole.

Chet Stewart    on: Jul 18    

Great idea. Albuquerque is the best kept secret in America!

Janet    on: Jul 18    

The pitch proposing badly needed revitalization for an important and historical part of our city is inclusive. The many stake holders will be able to input into the planning process that will boost job creation.

lupita Kendall    on: Jul 18    

I think Albuquerque is the perfect town that can benefit with this project.

Antoinette    on: Jul 18    

Revitalization is necessary for any community. I am excited to see the potential this endeavor has for creating jobs and boosting our economic growth. I applaud our city leaders in looking for innovative ways to accomplish this task.

   on: Jul 18    

A great city with a very diverse community.

Howard    on: Jul 17    

Boat analogies in New Mexico? Ok! The strong focus on low-income areas, and the revitalization initiatives came through loud and clear. The concept of the Community Development Table meetings grabbed my attention, but I didn’t get the impression that anyone but city staff was actually at the table! The challenge with the railroad lines is not unique, and I strongly recommend a look at how Abilene Texas addressed it. Keep taking those risks – you may be on the right track!

Karen Pound    on: Jul 17    

Not only does UWCNM provide funds to help non profits, it educates the community/communities about these agencies and how they help the residents of these communities.

ivan k    on: Jul 17    

The shaky hand held camera is a real put off for the audience. The focus on a rail and highway corridor is curious; how does that translate to what affects people?

Dean Gianopoulos    on: Jul 17    

There are already several exciting projects underway that will begin transforming downtown Albuquerque. In the pitch, the fresh ideas from City Hall augment the current activity and are certainly worthy of support!

ABQ Citizen    on: Jul 17    

Great idea! So nice to see a well-thought out effort to actually make a change. For those naysayers out there, well, there is a reason that progress doesn't occur- small steps make a big change. Not everything is about instant gratification.

Al Lucero    on: Jul 17    

I think Albuquerque showed the most convincing story about it's ability to rejuvenate the downtown area, which will benefit the low-income community and provide innovation.

Ryan    on: Jul 17    

This is very exciting

Karl    on: Jul 17    

Love my hometown and their commitment to the community!

Terri Nikole Baca    on: Jul 17    

As a young professional, mother and native Albuquerquean, I am absolutely thrilled about this effort to improve our city's economy and support initiatives that will lift communities out of poverty. We are on the brink of something truly great!

Debi    on: Jul 16    

Love this!

Julio Guerrero    on: Jul 16    

Great idea. I like the idea of creating an innovation corridor and anchoring with the adaptive reuse of available spaces. I think that the plan could go further in describing how the innovation hub will catalyze other economic growth or build off of other recent economic investments (i.e. housing)

Anthony Chavez    on: Jul 16    

Albuquerque is a great city to live and work in. Looking forward to the changes.

Paul Silverman    on: Jul 16    

For over 300 years, Albuquerque has been dominated by government. Today, if is a well accepted fact that we can no longer rely on government for any growth. We simply need to bend over, grab our bootstraps and pull ourselves up. This need has created, for the first time in history, a unique level of cooperation and consensus between the non-profits, government and private business around the plan presented. It has energized people in a way not shown before of building a new economy based on innovation, entrepreneurship, education and entertainment. The powers that be are opening the doors to one and all to pitch in and help and people are showing up in droves. This is a great plan, it will tremendously benefit low income folks by providing them with meaningful educational opportunities, jobs and a healthier community. ABQ finally has a shot at reaching its unique potential and join the league for first cities in the country.

Luella G. Rubio    on: Jul 16    

I've worked in downtown Albuquerque for over 32 years and I am looking forward to witnessing the revitalization of the downtown district.

Annie Nash    on: Jul 15    

Wheels Museum and the Railyards need support. I hope that this initiative will help them!

katie abbott    on: Jul 15    

By choice, we have resided and worked in Albuquerque for over 40 yrs. The current city administration with Mayor Berry at the helm is moving us into a greater future! It's a great city which continues to get better and better!

Mike    on: Jul 15    

The growth, buzz and momentum in the City of Albuquerque right now is unparalleled. I couldn't think of a better place in the country to live in order to move the needle and make a massive impact on a national level.

Sandy    on: Jul 15    

Very practical and focused plan. It takes specific, attainable goals to create change.

Renee Reyes    on: Jul 15    

I think it's great that the city government is working to improve Albuquerque. I do feel the pitch could have been much more clear and presented better.

Adrian Reyes    on: Jul 15    

Outside the box is where the magic is. As an entrepreneur myself I'd love to see this become a huge success. What are the measurable goals and benchmarks?

Tom Growney    on: Jul 15    

A thoughtful approach to a complex issue. Albuquerque is committed solving this issue and the local economy will benefit.

Victor Jury    on: Jul 15    

Albuquerque is pursuing a transformation. It has many smart, creative people who are committed to the community and to building a culture of innovation and economy centered on innovation. With other programs the city has undertaken, this could be a powerful catalyst.

Bill Bice    on: Jul 15    

Amazing what we're doing in Albuquerque! Focusing on our own, helping people to help themselves. We have great entrepreneurs that are doing great things!

ss    on: Jul 15    

ALB and New Mexico suffering from statewide corruption crisis at present. New Mexico Cities are highly illegally littered and dirty. I don't trust ALB's gov't. This is a city that does not deserve any positive municipal recognition, of any kind, at present!

Barbara Brazil    on: Jul 15    

Albuquerque has a tradition of searching for excellence and being innovative to market its potential.

M. Peterson    on: Jul 15    

Good to see so many leaning in on this effort. Recognize many from my time in ABQ 20 years ago. Disappointing to see that not much has changed in the intervening years in terms of dependence on INTEL and Sandia. Reaching out to the core residential neighborhoods for input is a great "feel good" exercise. If you actually find capital and deciders who relate, communicate, and integrate the best ideas of the affected communities, I'll be impressed.

Brian    on: Jul 15    

Albuquerque is a great city with significant upside. The affordable cost of living, great climate and cultural diversity will draw business and innovation to the city if we can get the right momentum!

Christine Rancier    on: Jul 15    

Albuquerque's downtown is poised for a creative rebirth. Innovate ABQ moving into the old First Baptist site and CNM adding classes at First Plaza Galeria will have a major impact. The City Accelerator program would help keep the momentum going.

Bob Matteucci    on: Jul 15    

The mayor and the stakeholders of Albuquerque are going to make this city move forward and upward. This is a city on the move. Watch out!

Danielle    on: Jul 15    

Albuquerque is really moving forward with some exceptional plans to change its dynamic and its economy for everyone.

Elizabeth Moya    on: Jul 15    

It's exciting to see this movement for urban renewal! Albuquerque is indeed a gem in the desert that needs polishing to continue to be a great place to live, work, and play.

Zoe A. Otero-Martinez    on: Jul 15    

I work with the population that the City is trying to reach, offering an IDA program. I would love to see the City gain additional support as they work on reaching this population through the programs described.

Fred Winter    on: Jul 15    

Great city and great idea.

Zoe Lees    on: Jul 15    

A very deserving city!

Neal Piltch    on: Jul 15    

This is a great city to live and work!!!

Victor Chavez    on: Jul 15    

This is not only needed, it is also deserved. When you get to know Albuquerque, your realized that it is truly a gem in the high desert. The time is right for change and leadership is there to make it happen. As more people move downtown it is reaching a tipping point where positive changes will come faster and faster. Buried treasures like the Railyards will help to make it happen.

Floyd Beavers    on: Jul 15    

Nice to see an innovative approach to government of the people! See Lynn Platow and Melinda Beavers both in ABQ, but with OOS phone #s: (917) 741-5058 & (201) 303-4203 respectively.

Chuck Wellborn    on: Jul 14    

This is the first time we have had such a thoughtful campaign to stimulate organic economic growth on multiple levels. If carried out wisely and energetically, this endeavor holds real promise.

T.J. Cook    on: Jul 14    

For the first time I'm seeing all stakeholders get involved and collectively getting a true hub-and-spoke model going... ABQ has always had the potential. I'm confident in this plan to see it happen and also serve as a great example for other cities.

Janet    on: Jul 14    

As a parent raising my kids here, we need good jobs and family friendly activities in the city.

Doug Schulze    on: Jul 14    

I did not see or hear anything that led me to believe there are measureable outcomes. What gets measured gets done.

Jessica Rowland    on: Jul 14    

Let's bring innovation and opportunity to downtown Albuquerque!

Wayne Story    on: Jul 14    

Excellent use of old and new to revive and renew an area while increasing the value of the people.

Roberta Beavers    on: Jul 14    

Seems to cover the ethnic and business diversity of the city while focusing on low-income people to help them become more independent contributors to the economy of the city.

   on: Jul 14    

Great enthusiasm but program needs to articulate more clear goals and showcase a few more innovative "wins".

anon    on: Jul 14    

Love it! Great presentation. Innovative and progressive.

Charlie Bennett    on: Jul 14    

I can only wish that Albuquerque's administration understood what Louisville's does as regards the importance of mitigating blight in its older/more affordable neighborhoods and the dangerous image that it has portrayed nation-wide. Both have had negative effects on attracting and keeping innovative employers. This in turn causes any educated workforce that is left ABQ to be so transient that that little personal long-term investment is made in any neighborhood. ABQ has been caught in this vicious circle for over 20 years and needs to find a way to resolve it. Perhaps this "City Accelerator" might be a small start but there are many other issue to tackle to make any project sustainable..

Best all around city in the states    on: Jul 14    

Great place to live and raise a family.

Amy Padilla    on: Jul 14    

This would be a good first step in the right direction, toward revitalizing a large part of our beautiful city!

bringing everyone up in this proposal and rebuilding what we have is always a plus    on: Jul 14    

I think repurchasing areas that need help and using as a public domain helps all citizens, their will be positive growth all around in my opinion. looks like promising ideas are in the forefront..

Randy Royster    on: Jul 14    

Excellent opportunity! All concerned about the economic and workforce development future of ABQ need to vote through to victory!

Andrea Sisneros-Wichman    on: Jul 14    

Albuquerque needs help. There is a lot of poverty here, but a lot of innovative ideas as well. An initiative like this could really help turn those ideas into action.

Pam Jones    on: Jul 14    

clear and true

linda    on: Jul 14    

Cultural diversity is the heart of New Mexico and Albuquerque.

Donna    on: Jul 14    

Albuquerque has great potential to be a new hub of the Southwest. This is a first step in the right direction!

JC    on: Jul 13    

This is a significant step in the evolution of Albuquerque and New Mexico. Government, education, and local leaders working together to transform the city will radiate throughout the state improving the lives of many for years to come. This is the spark we need to ignite change.

Lisa Hendrickson    on: Jul 12    

Albuquerque can do great things and the collective push to bring momentum to the change that ABQ needs and wants. Innovating is something that needs to be in the collective consciousness. Change is made through a small group of committed people. Once there's momentum, then there's a great opportunity to get everyone on the bus.

Ed    on: Jul 12    

ABQ has always seemed like a really big small town. The population is increasing, and the city needs to accelerate to get this place skyrocketing into a thriving city that can provide diverse, accessible, stable, and expanding opportunities that it's residences desperately need. I'm glad to see that this bigger and more connected city plan is actually being initiated.

LT    on: Jul 11    

Boom ABQ IS Accelerating!

Emma    on: Jul 11    

Great idea for a great city!

Jim Rickey    on: Jul 11    

Very well done. The video lays out a plan showing a lot of thought has gone into this. The city is prepared to work on multiple fronts to improve the business climate and provide opportunities to different sectors of the community.

Great ideas    on: Jul 11    

I'm excited

Paula Tavera    on: Jul 11    

Impressive. What a great way to "Accelerate" your local community.

Paula Tavera    on: Jul 11    

Impressive and Innovative. What a great way to "Accelerate" your community.

Linda    on: Jul 11    

Love it!

Melissa Briggs    on: Jul 11    

Innovative and action oriented. Go Albuquerque!

   on: Jul 11    

There was no diversity at the table, however when the vidwo zoomed to low-income all the faces were diverse.

Pat    on: Jul 11    

Albuquerque is a hidden gem. It really is a great place to live.

Mary E.    on: Jul 11    

I have worked with the Economic Development Dept and they are good folks and I wish them all the luck in the world!

NJ Larkin    on: Jul 11    

Albuquerque is a hidden gem with unlimited potential. The local, small town feel is a pleasant disguise of the larger town amenities. With the exception of the politicians, Albuquerque hosts a wide variety of innovative thinkers that would embrace the challenges of teaming up with the City Accelerator.

Sarah Wentzel-Fisher    on: Jul 11    

Albuquerque has a number of revitalization champions who work tirelessly with and without funding. We make great things happen here when we have a capital to fuel our efforts. Keep up the good work and lets work together.

L T Ashanin    on: Jul 11    

Albuquerque is experiencing an extraordinary renaissance. It is inspiring to see our leaders coming together and the integration of efforts across all functions. Our time is now!

Frank    on: Jul 11    

Albuquerque has the personality to be great, and every little bit helps!

James Darling    on: Jul 11    

Albuquerque is a city that is committed to growing their own economy from the inside out, developing their Innovation district, working with local entrepreneurs, city leaders, educational institutions, and the state. Albuquerque is also a beautiful place to live and work as well as a culturally diverse gem in the desert.

Tara    on: Jul 11    

Really great idea to engage our citizens in meaningful change!

Daniel Solares    on: Jul 11    

Albuquerque is a great small city with all potential to become a true star in the Southwest..

Brandon    on: Jul 11    

Killer Idea. Huge impact!

Susan Deichsel    on: Jul 11    

Nice, short and to the point.

Josh    on: Jul 10    

Great and exciting things about to happen

Joe Badal    on: Jul 10    

This captures the soul of the city, a place where anyone can succeed and where performance is what counts, not who you know.

Mark    on: Jul 10    

ABQ has so much talent and potential. They really could use the help because all though they have a lot going for them they also have many socio-economic problems. They are one of the smallest cities on the list and deserve a chance!

Stan    on: Jul 10    

Well said. Godspeed!

Marcos Gonzales    on: Jul 10    

This type of innovative thinking has been needed for a long time in City Government!

   on: Jul 10    

A realistic glimpse into the city of Albuquerque and the amazing potential this opportunity could offer.

Emily Bono    on: Jul 10    

I live in the Downtown area and I want Albuquerque to thrive. There needs to be more opportunities for lower income and marginal folks.

Carrie M    on: Jul 10    

Innovative and thoughtful. What made the biggest impression on me was that about 1/2 of the population of the State of NM lives in Albuquerque and 70% of those residents are unemployed, underemployed or undereducated. By supporting this project development, it would have a broad impact on not only the city, but the State as a whole. Other cities listed have better or already existing transportation infrastructure and geographical pull as related to other nearby cities and/or tourism. Albuquerque seems like the city that would benefit most.

Audrey Johnson    on: Jul 10    

Great ideas and enthusiasm!

James Tapia    on: Jul 10    

Extraordinary effort being made in this city to expand on technologies that are discovered in the top notch research facilities that are located there. This is a great idea for initiating a rippling effect to transfer innovations to market and to expand the city's local economy. Kudos to all involved in this one.

J    on: Jul 10    

Revitalization is essential to the community and I applaud this effort!

Martha Doster    on: Jul 10    

After watching all the videos, ABQ & Nashville presented the most comprehensive plans which could be used as models in most any city anywhere. I liked ABQ's approach to implementing change. Thank you, C.A., for your innovative approach!

Ona Porter    on: Jul 10    

Good focus on overcoming the marginalization of LMI people and households. Good also to ask them what they want and need. Don't however, see much about capitalizing on the great work, and great outcomes of many CBO's who are doing the work that get people from marginalization to stability to owning their future.

Adelina S. White    on: Jul 10    

I am excited to see growth in Albuquerque especially through innovation and the utilization of current resources.

J.V.    on: Jul 10    

Go for it, Albuquerque!

Mindy Gonzales    on: Jul 10    

ABQ's Innovation initiative has already started creating amazing momentum in Albuquerque. Let's do all we can to support this and keep the momentum going.

   on: Jul 10    

possibilities to expand innovation and create jobs

Gus Harbaugh    on: Jul 10    

Excellent idea! Go Albuquerque!

Linda S    on: Jul 10    

Thanks for your effort to revitalize ABQ.

Carol Radosevich    on: Jul 10    

These team members have a proven track record of successful innovation and a sincere interest and expertise in helping our less fortunate citizens and doing it in a manner that creates dignity. Support for downtown revitalization and a city accelerator is growing wider and deeper every day. This support will make a meaningful difference to a creative and unique city.

TL    on: Jul 10    

Great vision and strategy to improve opportunity for our low income people and drive innovation.

Barry    on: Jul 10    


Jan Turri    on: Jul 10    


MariaMaria    on: Jul 10    

Great message. Let's stick to it and help our impoverished communities first. It will not work unless we start from the bottom. Myself and a group of peers are ready to put in the work. You'll see us around. We love this place. GO ABQ!

Valerie    on: Jul 10    

I love the idea of changing the game to bring innovation and new business to Albuquerque! Exciting times ahead....

Clifton Chadwick    on: Jul 10    

This is exactly the kinds of actions that need to occur in my hometown - Albuquerque! Paradigm shifting, revolutionary change from the bottom up. By beginning with the Innovation Corridor this plan will create opportunities at all levels - the new CNM program in the Galleria will provide educational opportunities where they are needed, the corridor will become links to other "Neighborhood Nodes," and the size of the plan is achievable in the near term. Combined with other initiatives like the Mile-Hi Neighborhood's re-striping of the N-S San Pedro we can begin to piece walkable portions of Albuquerque together with contemporary transportation option like ABQ Ride, the BRT and, now that the PRC is addressing new rules for Lyft and Uber we will see momentum begin to favor a space that is truly energized by those of us who love Albuquerque.

Katy Sheridan    on: Jul 10    

I love this town. I love it's people, the diversity, the music, arts, the food, the neighborhoods. I live downtown and believe in the importance in a vibrant central business, residential district. This project will help every one win!

René Newton    on: Jul 10    

Albuquerque needs revitalization; not through welfare, but by boosting businesses and economic growth. This is a great start!

John Henderson    on: Jul 10    

I was disappointed with the quality of the presentation. We could have done better. The camera work was amateurish, jerky, and distracting from the message. Gary's delivery and message were the best part. Too bad the production was second rate. We have a better story to tell and we didn't deliver.

cmcclenin    on: Jul 10    

sorry forgot to rate it.

Alice    on: Jul 10    

Can't wait to see the change from these exciting and innovative ideas in ABQ!

Steve Kraemer    on: Jul 10    

Allowing for a clearer picture of what Downtown will be and accelerating city processes is exactly what Downtown Albuquerque needs. This is a fantastic use of resources. It's exciting for someone that lives in downtown to see this type of energy and creativity!

Gabe m    on: Jul 9    

Great city to live in please help downtown abq

Ted    on: Jul 9    

I think this is something that can help push forward some of what is already happening in ABQ.

Cathy Imburgia    on: Jul 9    

The ideas presented in the pitch are doable and sustainable to realizing a downtown revitalization through increased business growth, community engagement and improved quality of life. The pitch is highly rated due to the positive impact on low-income residents, opportunity to enhance innovation and ability to scale when compared to other cities.

ZL    on: Jul 9    

Fantastic video for a great idea. Let's make this happen!

Maribeth    on: Jul 9    

Excellent plan that could have a great positive impact on our city.

CC    on: Jul 9    

We need this!

JK    on: Jul 9    

So right to focus on downtown. Innovation is necessary in this very poor state so that we may move forward together. Let's make sure that common values are part of the process so that it stays focused and succeeds. Let's also make sure to influence public policy such that difficult decisions get made to stay on track rather than the death by a thousand cuts that is the norm here. Let's think big! Thank you for the opportunity!

Sara    on: Jul 9    

This is so exciting for Albuquerque!

Jason    on: Jul 9    

This is a great idea, but the 'pitch' is not complete enough detailing who will be involved in the final decision making and at what level. The city has tried this before and failed - resulting in a downtown full of bars, strip joints and predatory parking practices. I fully support a 're-think' but, please leave greedy, 'get rich quickly and cheaply' 'entrepreneurs' out of the equation...

Jaclyn Staton    on: Jul 9    

Albuquerque is a great place to live, lets help revive some neighborhoods.

Cindy    on: Jul 9    

Albuquerque is on a great and exciting mission. I would love for Albuquerque to receive the award since it will help the city immensely to improve the lives of all people, businesses and the city as a whole.

Will Gleason    on: Jul 9    

Great pitch! Abq needs this approach!

Eric Layer    on: Jul 9    

Fantastic! This proposal is looking at exactly the pieces of Albuquerque it needs to: capitalizing on our assets, and planning ahead for the future.

Mo    on: Jul 9    

Good Job ABQ!

Cate Bowman    on: Jul 9    


Bree    on: Jul 9    

This is just what Albuquerque needs!

Jeff M    on: Jul 9    

Albuquerque is 100% committed to boosting economic development and has the open approach to find creative solutions

BBM    on: Jul 9    

Fantastic, ABQ is onto great many things!

Emily H. Griebel    on: Jul 9    

Good stuff! Great to see Albuquerque's entrepreneurial spirit coming to life in the downtown area.

Mari    on: Jul 9    

This is a great pitch since it looks like the City already knows what it needs to do, has those who need the most help in mind, and has already taken the steps to accomplish those goals. Keep up the great work Albuquerque!

Isabel    on: Jul 9    


Randy Woodcock    on: Jul 9    

ABQ is an awesome city to work and raise a family and this collective impact approach is right on target. Thank you all for your tireless efforts to help our city thrive!!

Zack Biz    on: Jul 9    

Wait...an iterative process, with action-oriented tests, short feedback loops, and clearly defined metrics? Bravo, "Agile Government"!

Emma    on: Jul 9    

Great idea, ABQ!

Ben Berkowitz    on: Jul 9    

Make it happen!

Greta Hotopp    on: Jul 9    

Great pitch, or greatest pitch ever? Love Albuquerque and love the plan.

Laurie    on: Jul 9    

An exciting moment in ABQ's history, reinvigorating downtown enabling low-income and low-education to change their individual future ... And thereby help change the future of Albuquerque.

Stephanie Yara    on: Jul 9    

Revitalize ABQ!!

Pearl    on: Jul 9    

Abq. on the move. Bold steps, big moves and collective impact strategy. Community focused and support for those economically challenged.

Veronica Z.    on: Jul 9    

I think this would be a wonderful idea!

Marni Goodrich    on: Jul 9    

Keep moving Albuquerque forward!

Patti Harrell Hoech    on: Jul 9    

ABQ is a culturally unique place on the map. Its heartbeat has been slowed as have other urban centers. The downtown is the fulcrum of the city and having these innovative initiatives forming to repair the damage of neglect and re-focus from the sprawl of development is exciting – it’s essential. A healthy downtown is the heartbeat at the core of the collective communities that make up our city. Inviting and encouraging all sectors public, private and philanthropic to genuinely work together to bring about this evolution of change in processes, creativity and implementation is powerful. Let’s make ABQ’s heart beat strongly again with promise for all to have opportunity, access and success! Let’s celebrate the history, accelerate the ingenuity and have civic pride restored! This film is a fabulous catalyst.

D. Goff    on: Jul 9    


dixie burch    on: Jul 9    


   on: Jul 8    

Such a grant would do great things for Downtown Albuquerque- which could use any help it can get!!!

Eric Renz-Whitmore    on: Jul 8    

Albuquerque has been working hard to overcome some long-standing weaknesses to become an up and coming hub for innovation - and embracing a broad view of entrepreneurism that include not only tech, but food, health and other business sectors - and a diverse group of potential entrepreneurs as well.

Sheila    on: Jul 8    

Albuquerque is a city with great potential and can make a difference with the funds to help the economic development of the community! The mayor's development plan will give the city a big boost a revitalization!

Ashley    on: Jul 8    

Albuquerque would really benefit from this money! Great video!!!!!!!

Tracy Jordan    on: Jul 8    

Creative! In these challenging times, creativity is the way through unchartered economic waters!

Ely    on: Jul 8    

Excellent plan

Judy    on: Jul 8    

As someone who lives 3 1/2 hours from Albuquerque it would be great to see the city grow and become a better community for its surroundings.

Andrew    on: Jul 8    

This looks like a great opportunity to try something different and build on the energy that the city, UNM and CNM will be bringing soon to the downtown area - and to increase the skills of entrepreneurs in Albuquerque as a whole.

Louis Abruzzo    on: Jul 8    

Downtown has remained challenging and continues to need a boost for all the reasons noted in the video and is home to our convention and Hotel business which can only become more desirable with positive change. I support the thinking and planning out side the box.

Shaun Riley    on: Jul 8    


Charlie Bennett    on: Jul 8    

This is an expected and needed concept for ABQ's downtown that still ignores equity with other areas of the City.

Lise v Gorgone    on: Jul 8    

This is a unique approach to the issue, encouraging small business in underserved areas. Not just isolating and feeding people in need.

Sally Adams    on: Jul 8    

Momentum, passion, diversity and innovation - The time is now, lets do this!

Todd Clarke    on: Jul 8    

excellent video, nice work!

Ryan    on: Jul 8    

ABQ is a downtown district away from thriving economically. ABQ needs this,

Joan    on: Jul 8    

ABQ needs this

Kelli    on: Jul 8    

I love the specifics--the innovative ideas and the collaboration between business, government and philanthropy. We are not just talking anymore...community leaders are creating opportunities for business and for the under-served. This WILL change the face of our city.

Karl Saupe    on: Jul 8    

Albuquerque is such a spread out city, it's great plan not only to help low-income people but as well as to boaster the city center(downtown) into an economic center.

Denise Lane    on: Jul 8    


Herb Hoffman    on: Jul 8    

This is a good first start at explaining the renewal process. I believe it could have been stronger by including the voices of those most subject to impact, e.g., local shop owners, potential new business owners, residents.

Ashlee RH    on: Jul 8    

Love to see innovation in areas that will make a difference to the community.

Nerissa Whittington    on: Jul 8    

Interesting, I live here and would like to see this really take effect, as it certainly has not, as of yet, been inclusive.

Alex Rael    on: Jul 8    

Being part of Albuquerque, I can relate to some of the issues presented, and am glad to see that higher ups are working day and night to come up with solutions.

   on: Jul 8    

The City of Albuquerque is not interested in helping others pull themselves out of their troubles, but instead giving a handout to those that didn't earn it while breaking the backs of the employees under the directors. Everything said in this video has been a lie and the Mayor has no interest in helping people to help themselves, but rather make people more dependent on government while increasing the bank account of those contributors to his agenda.

Erin    on: Jul 8    

I'm excited about how the City is listening to residents and working to launch innovative ideas!

Jenny    on: Jul 8    

I keep trying to make the 5 star rating stick and it won't! I hope it works this time.

Kendra    on: Jul 8    


Jim    on: Jul 8    

Not very good. Low-income people? That's what all of New Mexico is. That's what Albuquerque is. There isn't even a grocery store in that area, let alone two that offer competitive choices and prices. Why isn't there a grocery store? Because companies don't want to build or move there because it's a dead area filled w/ street people. Address that to potential businesses coming in. What are your plans when The Gap CSSC and its some 400 people who work there leaves Downtown for the Journal Center in the fall of this year? Downtown will be a Ghostown for breakfast and lunch then. How many Mom and Pop eateries will be touched negatively then? Downtown still is practically deserted on weekends during the day... there are so few stores stores to window shop it's boring and a negative while Nob Hill is a vibrant, pedestrian-related area where people who live here and tourists feel safe to walk and shop and a positive. Albuquerque is still losing manufacturing jobs. If Sandia faces cutbacks what then? If Intel closes or cuts back, what then? A lot of Albuquerqueans work at Intel. This is a poor, poor state, and a poor, poor city... it's going to take more than this to pick it up.

   on: Jul 8    

Nice to see people in Government reaching out directly to the real human city, beyond glossy charts and board rooms.

Janice    on: Jul 8    

Every successful city needs a thriving downtown. This is a great start to a lot of challenging problems. It will take time but the momentum has started. With all these great ideas on the table, imagine what ABQ will look like in 10 years? I can’t wait!

Liz    on: Jul 8    

Let's go ABQ!

James    on: Jul 8    

Ok, now I see there is a bug in the software. Go ALBUQUERQUE!

Wendy    on: Jul 8    

I have my fingers crossed! Totally routing for ABQ!!

Tara    on: Jul 8    

Can't wait to see it come to fruition. Go ABQ!

R Martinez    on: Jul 8    

I would love to see downtown revitalized and become a cleaner, more welcoming center for innovation and commerce. It would be great to attract more businesses not only to bring jobs but to also create some competition in the job market and hopefully stimulate job growth, development and increased wages for the working class.

Diane    on: Jul 8    

Looking forward to future innovation that creates economic growth for the City of Albuquerque and low income individuals. We need more of this type of working together with City government to cut through red tape.

Chris    on: Jul 8    

Wonderful to see the collaboration taking place in Albuquerque. Look forward to hearing more of citizen involvement in decision making process.

Rhiannon    on: Jul 8    

Fantastic Idea

Robin    on: Jul 8    

We can ABQ, we CAN!

Mark Reynolds    on: Jul 8    

Great to see this movement and innovation - ABQ it is time to make it green, inviting and safe - continue to promote

maryann    on: Jul 8    


   on: Jul 8    


Michael Riordan    on: Jul 8    

Let's go Albuquerque!

Dayna    on: Jul 8    

It's amazing when City Hall can cut the red tape and actually get things done - things that matter! Every city should use this model.

RBrucePitt    on: Jul 8    

Building the facilities and support structure for entrepreneurs to create businesses and create jobs will help make Albuquerque a destination city for creative people to come, live, and prosper.

Sapan    on: Jul 8    

Awesome! Go ABQ!

Conner M.    on: Jul 8    

This plan has great potential to impact low-income people, particularly as it expands innovation which will in turn lead to higher employment levels.

David Silverman    on: Jul 8    

Great leadership, supported and enhanced by private sector and community engagement - that's a formula to bring about positive change. Time to step up to support these great efforts.

Anne Apicella    on: Jul 8    

A vibrant Downtown is an important part of our overall economic recovery. It's not the only element, but it is an important element. The younger generations want a more urban lifestyle, which doesn't jive with suburban sprawl. We need jobs, housing, transportation, and amenities Downtown to attract and retain future generations in Albuquerque. This is a great city and worth the effort!

Kym Dicome    on: Jul 8    

This is such an exciting time for Albuquerque with these projects and others occuring in and around downtown where there is a large population of low income residents. These projects will definitely put Albuquerque in the forefront of the new creative education and business environment. We really would love this to jump start!!

J    on: Jul 8    


Terri Dettweiler    on: Jul 8    

Innovation and education are the key to success of the revitalization of our economy and attracting new jobs.

Chris    on: Jul 8    

Awesome .. Albuquerque is on the move!

Vanessa    on: Jul 8    

The economic development potential for Albuquerque is great, particularly if we can implement a BRT system along major corridors in the city.

Sally    on: Jul 8    

Our city has way too many low income people as well as professionals that are out of work. We need more businesses here to generate jobs

Tara Marie Hedrick    on: Jul 8    

I believe in Albuquerque. I love it here. We need this!

Katie    on: Jul 8    

This is awesome! It's so encouraging to know our city is making efforts to innovate. I'd love to see downtown change for the better.

   on: Jul 8    

I was born and raised in New Mexico. I love Albuquerque and would love to see it grow and prosper. I believe my city and state can excel with a little help.

Anonymous    on: Jul 8    

Great ideas!

Lynne Andersen    on: Jul 8    

ABQ's on the move!! We need these innovative ideas and plans to turn our city around. Good job.

Steve    on: Jul 7    

This will have a big impact on a workforce that needs it. Albuquerque is pulling itself up by its own bootstraps and any encouragement (not to mention resources) will be a big help.

Alejandro Gonzales    on: Jul 7    

Very cool!

Arn    on: Jul 7    

This effort would really complement the city's success, and replicable, efforts to transition its most severe homeless to permanent residences. Having jobs for which these individuals can apply is the next logical progression.

Martin G. Sandoval    on: Jul 7    

These are great ideas to turn Albuquerque around and make it a great place to be.

Vicki Pozzebon    on: Jul 7    

I'd love to see Albuquerque be THE city that fosters all small, local businesses and entrepreneurs of every kind. Please make this happen for a great Southwestern city with a lot of history, culture, heritage, and innovation.

Suzie    on: Jul 7    

This is awesome! Albuquerque is really trying to make a difference.

Anonymous    on: Jul 7    

This is great. It includes all sectors of the population in the plan for growth. Albuquerque is one of the largest small towns around. I give it 5 stars!

Bruce    on: Jul 7    

This is a great project for a state that has yet to benefit from any of the economic recovery growth that is occurring in the rest of the country. As the largest city in New Mexico, Albuquerque's economic growth helps to pull the rest of the state. Funding Albuquerque's project will also benefit all of New Mexico.

Chris Daniel    on: Jul 7    

This is an exciting, achievable plan to lift up the economic fortunes of downtown Albuquerque and surrounding areas.

BigTymeABQ    on: Jul 7    

I love these ideas.

Emilio    on: Jul 7    

The impact of utilizing the abundant space that Albuquerque has could very well change the quality of life for many of its residents. It is very important to create an accessible and efficient public transportation system that would allow the general population of the city to flood the downtown area (and surrounding neighborhoods) in order to stimulate business.

Syl    on: Jul 7    

Albuquerque can be a greater city than it already is!

Randy    on: Jul 7    

This is the project that will forever change our amazing city!

DW    on: Jul 7    

Great and exciting idea... Albuquerque has outstanding leadership with great vision!

Lisa    on: Jul 7    

Exciting and dynamic!

Ann    on: Jul 7    

Gret job - very inspirational!

Jeff E Green    on: Jul 5    

Stupid and irrelevant pitch - Albuquerque city gov't fails again.

Liz McGuire    on: Jul 5    

Very innovative and the right track for ABQ!

MM    on: Jul 5    

An excellent way to start helping ABQ reach its full potential. Great idea!

Stephanie Cameron    on: Jul 3    

I would like to see downtown support local business and become a community gathering place that fosters economic growth and creates innovation around it's urban center. This area of Albuquerque should be safe day and night and be a destination. Local food should be a big part of this change and be supported with urban and community gardens as well as restaurants that serve what is grown.

Mary Blair    on: Jul 3    

Great idea Albuquerque!

BF    on: Jul 3    

Huge potential with lots of moving parts and lots of unknowns. Albuquerque needs this jump start desperately.

Dale Crawford    on: Jul 3    

Excellent piece! I feel it truly reflects the effort, sincerity of our local government to improve the lot of ALL of our citizens!!!!

Melonie    on: Jul 2    

While all the pitches are strong, Albuquerque's dedication to a complete transformation of city hall mechanics is a great experiment and case study that deserves to be funded.

James Vocasek    on: Jul 1    

I lived in Albuquerque for several years and it will be wonderful to see the improvements made to the downtown area.

Will    on: Jul 1    

Simply amazing!

Milissa Greenberg    on: Jul 1    

Love infill ideas. Bring more artists,musicians and entrepreneurs downtown. Vitality and street life increases.

Chris Chavez    on: Jul 1    

Awesome videography. Really illustrates the blight and potential.

Jennifer Walters    on: Jul 1    

Love the video!! Very inspiring! Can't wait to see the results!

Drew    on: Jul 1    

Albuquerque's downtown is a morass. Most of the city does not live downtown, nor do they frequently go there. The biggest problem that Albuquerque faces is transportation, especially the bottlenecks on the bridges over the river that will only get worse as population grows. These bottlenecks will reduce the access of poor people on the west side to higher-paying jobs on the east side, and it's just really going to get ugly.

Becca    on: Jul 1    

Very exciting! Sounds like ABQ is doing some great things!

Delaney    on: Jul 1