Scott D. Pattison was a Management Insights contributor. He is executive director of the National Association of State Budget Officers.

Scott Pattison
October 25, 2006

Branding for Excellence

Creating a brand could help public-sector managers improve performance, create a culture of excellence and impel everyone working for the agency to think about their core mission.
August 23, 2006

Managing Through a Transition

After an election, it is critical to prime your staff for a transition. Otherwise, anxious public employees will give more sway to rumors.
June 14, 2006

A Little Financial Training Goes a Long Way

Senior officials in state and local government are understandably appointed for their subject-matter expertise, but they should have some basic financial management skills as well.
April 5, 2006

Eliminating Silos in Government

The problem with silos is that they cause people to ignore the big picture, and instead, focus insularly.