Auto Executives Head to White House, Trying to Avoid Collision With California Over Fuel Economy Rules

May 11, 2018 AT 2:45 PM

A lot is on the line for California on Friday in the White House, where top auto company executives will be meeting with President Trump.

They will be talking about the administration's plan to revoke the state's longstanding authority to enforce its own, tough rules on tailpipe emissions. The administration's plan, which would force California and every other state to abandon the goal of getting cars and SUVs to average 55 miles per gallon by 2025, is making auto firms increasingly nervous.

The companies had initially lobbied for relief from the aggressive federal mileage targets, which currently match those of California. But they hadn't anticipated this much relief.

If the administration forges ahead with freezing the targets – and trying to force California to go along -- the result will likely be years of litigation between the state and federal government, and prolonged uncertainty for the firms.

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