Dozens Await Rescue as Hurricane Florence Hits the Carolinas

September 14, 2018 AT 10:10 AM

By Faith Karimi and Tina Burnside

As Hurricane Florence pounds the North Carolina coast with 90-mph winds and relentless rain, more than 100 people have been plucked from a storm surge that's already reached 10 feet, as dozens more await rescue.

The storm's worst scenes so far -- still an hour or two before landfall -- have emerged in the besieged town of New Bern, where about 150 people called for help overnight, city officials said. They urged residents to take shelter at the highest points of their homes, including rooftops.

"In a matter of seconds, my house was flooded up to the waist, and now it is to the chest," said Peggy Perry, who along with three relatives, was trapped early Friday in her New Bern home. "We are stuck in the attic."

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