Clearing Criminal Records: Kentucky Lawmakers Vote to Expand Felony Expungement Law

March 15, 2019 AT 7:20 AM

By Ryland Barton

The Kentucky legislature has voted to expand the state’s law that allows people to clear some Class D felonies from their records after a five-year waiting period.

Under current law, people who have been convicted of one of 61 Class D felonies can have their criminal records cleared once they complete their sentences, wait five years and pay a $500 fee.

Senate Bill 57 expands the policy to other non-violent, non-sexual Class D felonies and lowers the fee to $250.

Rep. Charles Booker, a Democrat from Louisville, voted in favor of the bill, saying that it will allow people who made mistakes to pursue their dreams.

“Even if they made a mistake and they fell down that they can get back up. And that they can move forward and live out their dreams in the best place on the planet,” Booker said.

The bill allows people with Class D felony convictions from before 1975 to clear their records if a judge approves. It would also make people who complete the expungement process eligible to have their voting rights restored.

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