Scott Walker Calls for Dismantling the Government Accountability Board

July 23, 2015 AT 10:20 AM

Gov. Scott Walker says he supports dismantling and replacing the state’s independent elections and ethics board, ratcheting up Republicans’ calls for change to a board that helped investigate Walker’s 2012 recall campaign.

Walker told reporters Monday he wants to scrap the state’s Government Accountability Board, or GAB, which enforces campaign finance, elections, ethics and lobbying laws.

In its place, Walker said, he supports the creation of “something completely new that is truly accountable to the people of the state of Wisconsin.” Walker left open the possibility that a replacement board could have partisan leadership, compared to the current board, made up of six former judges.

The Government Accountability Board’s director and supporters quickly responded. They called the board a national model that’s being targeted by politicians who resent its watchdog role.

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