Conservative Think Tank Launches Its Own News Service in Kansas

December 13, 2016 AT 12:04 PM

In a move that some experts see as a growing trend in the news media, a conservative think tank in Kansas with close ties to billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch has announced it is launching its own news service to combat what it sees as bias in traditional news outlets.

Dave Trabert, president of Kansas Policy Institute, announced the new organization called the Sentinel in a video posted on the institute’s website, starting with a barrage of attacks against traditional media outlets, alleging they withhold information about state government and the economy in order to sway public opinion.

“Well we’ve had enough and we’re going to do something about it,” Trabert says in the video. “It’s called the Sentinel and its primary purpose is to hold media and government accountable.”

To counter that alleged bias, the Sentinel has hired two of the most distinctly conservative writers in the region.

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