Columbus Day May Soon Be Over in Vermont

April 22, 2019 AT 7:45 AM

By Aris Folley

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott (R) says he’s likely to sign off on a bill that would abolish Columbus Day from the list of state holidays and replace it with Indigenous Peoples Day.

The Burlington Free Press reports that the legislation passed through the state Legislature on Wednesday and is now headed to the governor’s desk for consideration.

"I see no reason that I would not sign it, but we're reviewing the bill as we speak,” Scott said Thursday, according to the paper.

"I know it's controversial from many standpoints, from many people, but you know, it's just a day, and we'll get through it," Scott said of the measure. "And we've been treating it as something different over the last couple of years through resolutions. Without any technical difficulties within the bill, I'll probably sign it."

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