The leading Republican in the Vermont House of Representatives withdrew his support for Donald Trump on Saturday night in the wake of a newly uncovered recording in which Trump made lewd and sexually aggressive comments about women.

House Minority Leader Don Turner, R-Milton, had initially condemned Trump's remarks without withdrawing his promise to vote for the Republican presidential nominee.

"As a husband and the father of three daughters, I'm not going to pretend that what he said was even remotely defensible," Turner said in a statement at about 4 p.m. Saturday. "This wasn't 'boys being boys' or harmless locker room banter. His statements were abusive. While I'm not ready to withdraw support for a Republican presidential ticket, the make up of that ticket may very well change as the party evaluates its options. And let me be clear that I will never — never — endorse misogyny."

By 8:22 p.m., as a wave of Republicans across the nation announced they were cutting ties to Trump, Turner sent a new statement, in which he struck the language suggesting Republicans might find an alternative to Trump before the election. He also added a few new lines.

"'At this time, I am withdrawing my support for Mr. Trump," Turner wrote. He added that "at this point" he did not intend to endorse Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.