A Nazi Salute Goes Viral: Wisconsin School District Investigates Photo of High School Boys

November 13, 2018 AT 10:50 AM

By Rachel Desantis

School officials and the local police department of a Wisconsin town are investigating after members of the high school’s senior class were photographed giving an apparent Nazi salute before last year’s junior prom.

A photo of the Baraboo High School class of 2019 surfaced late Sunday, showing a group of about 50 boys standing on the steps of the Sauk County Courthouse with their arms outstretched above their heads, laughing and smiling.

One boy in the front can also be seen flashing the “OK sign,” a symbol that the controversial site 4chan attempted to spread as a white supremacy symbol last year.

Lori Mueller, the Baraboo School District administrator, wrote on Twitter that the photo is “not reflective” of the district’s educational values and beliefs.

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