Where Are Your County's Residents Moving to and from?

Regions in the southwest, Colorado and Florida added the most residents in 2011.

Millions of Americans move to different counties every year, from relocating to neighboring towns to moving all the way across the country.

New Census Bureau data published this morning shows where each county’s residents are moving to or from. Detailed migration flow estimates for each county are listed on the Census Flows Mapper tool.

The Census Bureau identified several migration hubs throughout the country adding the most residents, particularly regions of the southwest, Colorado and Florida.

New population estimates also include those migrating from abroad. More than 35,000 people moved from Asia to Los Angeles County, Calif., in 2011, for example.

Migration patterns for the more populous U.S. counties suggest a continuing population shift from counties encompassing major cities to neighboring jurisdictions.

The following table shows the top 25 county-to-county net migration flows, with totals representing approximate annual averages for 2011:

Rank Origin Destination Net Movers Margin of Error
1 Los Angeles County, California San Bernardino County, California 20,672 2,835
2 Los Angeles County, California Riverside County, California 14,248 2,655
3 Miami-Dade County, Florida Broward County, Florida 12,912 2,480
4 Wayne County, Michigan Oakland County, Michigan 11,908 2,188
5 Los Angeles County, California Orange County, California 9,808 3,216
6 New York County, New York Bronx County, New York 9,277 1,990
7 Cook County, Illinois DuPage County, Illinois 8,419 2,139
8 Kings County, New York Queens County, New York 8,042 2,123
9 Dallas County, Texas Denton County, Texas 8,033 2,061
10 Wayne County, Michigan Macomb County, Michigan 7,772 1,890
11 Orange County, California Riverside County, California 7,122 2,519
12 Los Angeles County, California Kern County, California 6,638 1,620
13 Harris County, Texas Montgomery County, Texas 6,594 2,378
14 Fulton County, Georgia DeKalb County, Georgia 6,085 1,944
15 Harris County, Texas Fort Bend County, Texas 5,737 2,239
16 Nassau County, New York Suffolk County, New York 5,726 1,118
17 District of Columbia, District of Columbia Prince George's County, Maryland 5,691 1,401
18 Cook County, Illinois Lake County, Indiana 5,662 1,634
19 Alameda County, California Contra Costa County, California 5,589 1,852
20 Baltimore city, Maryland Baltimore County, Maryland 5,472 2,010
21 San Francisco County, California San Mateo County, California 5,440 1,362
22 Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Montgomery County, Pennsylvania 5,236 1,458
23 Queens County, New York Nassau County, New York 4,935 1,590
24 Dallas County, Texas Tarrant County, Texas 4,829 1,954
25 Cook County, Illinois Kane County, Illinois 4,786 1,448
Source: 2007-2011 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates