Cover Story

Scott Walker: Born-Again Centrist?

BY Alan Greenblatt

Long considered a conservative hero, Wisconsin’s governor is sounding kinder and gentler as he seeks a third term.



This Is What Happens When a City Shuts Down Mental Health Clinics

This country has never had an effective public policy toward mental illness. In Chicago, things seem to be getting even worse. BY

FCC Sets Rules for 5G Infrastructure, Limiting State and Local Control

The new industry-backed regulations are likely to attract lawsuits from state and local government groups that worry they will cost them revenue, make it easier for internet providers to sue them and do little to address the digital divide. BY

Where Marijuana Is Legal, Some Cities Help People Still Haunted by It

There's a small but growing movement among prosecutors to automatically reduce sentences and expunge criminal records from before the drug was legal. BY



State Supreme Courts Increasingly Face Partisan Impeachment Threats

The trial to impeach the entire West Virginia Supreme Court starts this week. It's just one example of a growing trend among unhappy lawmakers. BY

Underneath This 'Pop-Up Forest' Is an Abandoned Highway

Akron, Ohio, calls it the Innerbelt National Forest. BY

Shady Real Estate Deals Plunge Under New Regulations

Since the U.S. started making anonymous homebuyers reveal their true identities, luxury prices in hot markets have dropped. BY

How Cities Became the New Laboratories of Democracy

The ascent of cities is real, though things may not be as rosy as some suggest. BY

Trump's Failed Infrastructure Plan Is a Wasted Opportunity

The president's trillion-dollar proposal could have been a signature achievement. BY

The Economy Is Growing. These Workers' Paychecks Aren't.

When adjusted for inflation, many segments of the workforce -- including black men and people with bachelor's degrees -- are actually seeing their wages decline. BY



How to Turn Government Data Into Clickbait

Graphic displays of information are useful only if they’re seen. BY
On Leadership

Want to Be a Good Leader? Rely On a Little Help From Your Friends.

Communities can’t address the big issues without collaboration. BY

Automation Can't Replace Accountants

Government accounting is changing, but we'll still need smart humans in charge. BY

Flying Should Be More Like Going to Art Museums

Music, film and visual arts are improving the travelling experience. BY

Green Roof Requirements Are On the Rise

To meet their energy goals, cities are starting to make new buildings have solar panels or vegetation atop. BY

Hookah Bars Face Public Health Crackdown

The lounges have often fallen through loopholes in local smoking bans. That's starting to change. BY

Welcome to America's Smallest City Hall

Photos and musings from our photographer. BY

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