Cover Story

In the Elusive Search for Affordable Housing, Clues Emerge

BY John Buntin

Economists, sociologists and political scientists have recently identified single-family zoning as a major obstacle to building more of it. Could that change soon?



U.S. Universities Fear Losing International Students

Students from abroad have become a rich revenue source for many state colleges and their towns. What happens if the Trump administration's anti-immigration sentiment and policies drive them away? BY

The City Managers on a Constant Quest for New Places to Fix

Their discontent with the status quo and attraction to a big challenge has led to some unexpected moves from city to city. BY

New P3s May Finally Bridge the Digital Divide

Many municipalities are forming public-private partnerships to bring high-speed Internet to long-neglected places. Their approaches, however, vary widely. BY

Why Texas Is the Most Dangerous U.S. State to Have a Baby

Maternal mortality rates have been increasing throughout the nation. But if Texas was a country, it would have the highest in the developed world. BY



How the Rapper Pitbull Has Divided Florida's Top Politicians

The recent feud between the governor and the state's House speaker began over a tourism ad. But it goes much deeper than that. BY

Is Jail a Fair Punishment for Skipping Bus Fare?

In Portland, Ore., people were being locked up for the offense often -- African-Americans disproportionately so. BY

No Help From Noah: The County That Banked on a Religious Theme Park to Solve Its Money Problems

Facing bankruptcy, Grant County, Ky., invested in the park hoping for a new revenue source. But cash has yet to start flooding in. BY

In Indiana, Governors Push for More Control Over Education

Mike Pence tried first. Now Gov. Eric Holcomb is attempting to make the superintendent a gubernatorial appointment, leaving voters with little say over schools. BY



Is Syracuse Necessary?

Some want to save the fiscally challenged city in New York by effectively abolishing it. BY

Trump-Watching From City Hall

His policy choices will challenge places from Manhattan to Mobile, Ala. BY

A New Way to Spot Partisan Gerrymandering

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on racial gerrymandering Monday, but judges still can't agree on what partisan gerrymandering looks like. Social scientists may be able to help. BY

On Rx Drug Monitoring, States Take Doctors' Recommendations

Every state but one has a tracking system to combat the opioid epidemic. They have long been criticized as difficult to use, but upgrades are on their way. BY

The Key to San Jose's Speedy Disaster Recovery: Garbage

After a natural disaster hits the California city, the environmental department is among the first on the ground. BY

The Downside of Pragmatism

It served our ‘maker’ cities well for a long time. Now it holds them back. BY

'What About Traffic?'

Debates about how to address housing shortages in already dense cities raise important points about managing chaos. BY



Fewer People Are Getting Degrees in Public Service

It's hard to say, though, whether this is a temporary adjustment or a long-term trend. BY

10 Ways Public Officials Lie, Kind of

They fool some of the people most of the time. BY
On Leadership

Managing the Evil That Institutions Do

Guarding against evil poses a dilemma for government managers, but it can be done. BY

Are State Ethics Rules Keeping Up With Social Media?

One state legislator's legal battle showcases how outdated laws can hamper citizen engagement -- and get officials in trouble. BY

Where a Shopping Mall Used to Be, an Opportunity Arises

The decline of malls in America can mean lost jobs and lower tax revenues for states and municipalities -- but not always. BY

In Houston's New Park, Art Goes Green

Smither Park celebrates folk art -- but only if it's recycled or reused. BY

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