Cover Story

How Trump Became Counties' Best Friend and Biggest Ally

BY Alan Greenblatt

The administration is focusing on a level of government that past presidents have often neglected.



Should a Private Tech Giant Be Designing Cities?

Google’s sister company wants to build the city of the future on Toronto’s waterfront, raising concerns over privacy and the role of government. BY

Many Students Are in Crisis. So Is America's School Counseling System.

Counselors say budget cuts have left them unable to respond to students’ mental health needs. BY

Will Up-Zoning Make Housing More Affordable?

Making neighborhoods denser is an idea with growing appeal. The question is whether it works. BY

How State Procurement Offices Are Learning to Buy Better

Cautiously and slowly, governments are taking more risks and modernizing the way they purchase goods and services. BY



Welfare's Once-Popular Cap on Kids Loses Favor in States

The policy was intended to discourage government dependence. It didn’t seem to work. BY

Oops! Secretary of State's Clerical Error Sets Back Iowa Ballot Measures

Supporters of the initiatives will have to wait at least two years before they go before voters. BY

The Fables of Gentrification

A lot of what we think we know about it turns out to be wrong. BY

America's Demographic Destiny Can't Be Ignored

The birth rate is at an all-time low. That’s going to have a major impact on public services. BY

In Defense of Foreign Investment in U.S. Housing

Absentee property owners from abroad take much of the blame for rising housing prices in America. But they’re really a net win for cities. BY

White Communities, Black Students: Counties With the Biggest School Race Gap

White enrollment in private schools creates stark disparities in many districts. BY



Why's It So Hard to Ax Bad Government Programs?

Performance data hasn’t worked out the way it was intended. BY
On Leadership

The GovLove Generation: How Millennials Are Redefining Public Service

They're beginning to reshape local government in a big way. BY

Anti-Fluoride Activism Is Bad, and Not Just for Public Health

Cities must resist this vocal minority using pseudoscience. Their budgets are at stake. BY

Homeownership’s Hidden Debt

First-time buyers aren’t just acquiring property. They’re taking on a jurisdiction’s financial liabilities. BY

One State's Big Leap to Reduce Medicare and Medicaid's Out-of-Pocket Costs

Washington state is going further than any other to cover aging Americans' medical bills. BY

Cities Confront the 'Forever Chemicals' Contaminating Drinking Water

As the EPA and Congress debate PFAS regulations, local governments are taking action to protect people from toxic chemicals used in the production of practically everything. BY

America’s Oldest -- and Probably Wettest -- State Park

Photos and musings from our photographer. BY

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