Cover Story

What Trump Means for State and Local Races

BY Alan Greenblatt

Donald Trump and this year’s bizarre presidential race will affect elections all over the country. What’s not clear is how.



Is Kurt Summers the Future of Chicago Politics?

The city’s young treasurer has turned a moribund office into a hive of activity, fueling speculation that he has higher aspirations. BY
Politics & Elections

Louisiana’s Budget Crisis Empowers an Unusual Group

In the midst of its biggest fiscal disaster in decades, the state is a good place to watch the evolving roles of freshman lawmakers and veteran lobbyists. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

From Worst to First: Can Hawaii Eliminate Fossil Fuels?

The state is working toward becoming the first to get 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources. Getting there won’t be easy. BY
Health & Human Services

With Hospitals in Critical Condition, Can Rural America Survive?

The worrisome state of rural health care has led many to wonder. BY


Management & Labor

Abolishing Civil Service: Reform or Cronyism?

Whether Wisconsin's approach makes hiring for government jobs more efficient -- or simply politicizes it -- will influence if and how other states revisit their civil service systems. BY

Politicians Focus Business Incentives on Catching the Big Fish

Most states are low on cash, but they’re still willing to spend to attract top-shelf companies like Tesla. BY
Politics & Elections

The City Where Mayors Still Run the Show

Of all American towns, Baltimore gives its mayors some of the most control. Some hate that, yet attempts to change it have failed. BY
Politics & Elections

Bob McDonnell and the Illusion of Ethics Reform

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned former Gov. Bob McDonnell's corruption conviction on Monday. Before that, the case led Virginia lawmakers to set stricter ethics rules -- or so it seemed. BY


Grid First Ten

The Reality of Living in Anytown, USA

Cities love to boast that they're special. It's not always true, but it can be a useful myth. BY
Washington Watch

Millennials and Homeownership

The uncertainty of where they'll live is creating new challenges. BY
Politics & Elections

Why Rural America Is Increasingly Red

In recent years, more rural voters have flocked to the GOP -- a trend that will likely impact this year's governors races. BY
Health & Human Services

A Broader View of Public Health

Baltimore is at the forefront of a movement to expand public health's arena to include social ills such as gun violence and drug addiction. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

Las Vegas Bets on Becoming a Hub for Water Innovation

The nation's driest city wants to market its water-saving efforts to the rest of the world. BY
Transportation & Infrastructure

The Rage of Those Left Behind

The 20 percent who run America need to start paying serious attention to the plight of the middle and lower classes. BY
Urban Notebook

When Outsourcing Works

Oklahoma City successfully farmed out economic development. BY


Politics & Elections

Gov2Gov: The Lobbying That Falls Under the Radar

Cities, counties and states put a lot of effort -- and money -- into lobbying other levels of government. BY
Smart Management

Managing Life-and-Death Situations

When a disaster strikes, skilled management can save lives and political futures. BY
On Leadership

A Veteran Cop’s Ideas for Solving Systemic Police Problems

In his two books, Norm Stamper offers recommendations for change. BY
Tech Talk

High-Speed Police Chases Go High-Tech

Technology is transforming the way police fight crime, making it safer for not only officers but also criminals and innocent bystanders. BY
Public Money

Can the ‘Sharing Economy’ Reduce Income Inequality?

Not that sharing economy though -- the other one. BY
Infrastructure & Environment

Houston’s Buried Treasure

The city recently unearthed a man-made marvel. BY

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