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'Sanctuary Cities' Just the Start of Mayors' Opposition to Trump

BY Alan Greenblatt

The president's war on progressive policies presents a dilemma for almost every big-city mayor in America. But attacking urban areas also carries big risks for the president.



With Less State Aid, Localities Look for Ways to Cope

In much of the country, states are offering localities less financial help than they were before the recession. That won't change anytime soon. BY ,

The Swedish-Inspired Way American Cities Are Trying to End Pedestrian Deaths

As dozens of cities try to emulate Sweden's success, they're learning what works and what doesn't. BY

Universal Pre-K Is Hard to Find and Harder to Fund

The states and cities expanding early education have wrestled with the question of what qualifies as "universal." BY



To Battle Trump, State Democrats Will Use GOP’s Own Tactics

Democrats are preparing to fight the new administration's policies like Trump's pick to lead the EPA fought Obama's: with lawsuit after lawsuit. But can Democratic AGs make a difference with their diminished numbers? BY

Will Trump Kill Criminal Justice Reform’s Momentum?

It’s become a rare, bipartisan issue. But if the president's campaign rhetoric is any indication, the window of opportunity for change may have closed. BY

Fracking Presents Big Problems That Towns Have Little Authority to Fix

Almost every time localities attempt to regulate the oil industry, courts or legislatures stop them. BY

Low Pay and Time Away Drive Some Lawmakers to Call It Quits

Several state legislators recently resigned, saying they want to spend more time with their families -- and they seem to mean it. BY



Shopping Inside Is Out

For centuries, commerce and fresh air went together. They’re starting to again. BY

Will Trump Inspire More Celebrities to Seek Office?

Republicans in one state are already gearing up for an NFL star to run for governor. BY

Has Expanding Medicaid Made People Healthier?

The research is exhaustive and yet simultaneously scarce. In some cases, it's even contradictory. BY

Climate Change and New Efforts to Help People Understand What They Can't See

Visual illustrations can give meaning to overwhelming emissions numbers. BY

A Low-Cost Solution to Traffic

Instead of building expensive roads, we should be building housing that limits how far people have to drive in the first place. BY

Trump Era May Become the 'Once-Great Society'

Much of what the new administration wants to change was built by Lyndon B. Johnson. BY



Riding Transit Takes Almost Twice as Long as Driving

If transit systems want to attract more riders, they need to find ways to speed up the journey to work. See how the times compare in your metro area. BY
On Leadership

Why America Should Redefine Political Losers

Success in public life is often defined by winning elections instead of making positive change. BY

The Secret Benefits of Sharing Government Services

They may not show up in the bottom line. BY

One Way to Save Money, Reduce Fraud and Employ People Faster

New Mexico has a unique program that combines behavioral economics and predictive analytics. BY

How NYC Turned Salt Into Art

The Spring Street Salt Shed has been lauded as one of the city's best public sculptures. BY

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