Cover Story

While Homeless Veterans Get Housing, Rest Are Left in the Cold

BY J.B. Wogan

Veteran homelessness has dropped sharply, thanks to cities’ efforts and new funds from the Obama administration. But most people living on the streets aren’t veterans.



Can Government Hiring Get Out of the Stone Age?

As states and localities have tried to modernize the way they attract and retain public workers, some best practices have emerged. BY

The Evolving Job Description (and Requirements) of a CFO

Chief financial officers used to be concerned with just balancing the books. But today’s CFOs have taken on a higher role. BY

Telemedicine Advances Faster Than States Can Keep Up

The explosion of online health-care apps and providers has forced states to face tough questions -- many of which they have yet to find an answer to. BY



Too Many Chiefs? Chief Bike Officer Is the Latest Addition

Despite their important-sounding titles, many of the growing number of “chiefs” in government don't have much actual authority. BY
Politics & Elections

Black Women Remain Underrepresented in All Levels of Politics

But particularly in statewide executive office positions, which just 10 black women in nine states have ever held, according to a new report. BY

New Library Tries a Novel Idea: Books

In Seattle, a new private library -- the first of its kind in a century -- is based on the throwback idea of having a quiet place to read. BY

A Proactive Approach to Keeping Kids Out of Jail

Instead of waiting to help until kids get in trouble, Los Angeles County is using data analytics to help them before. So far, it's proving successful. BY



The Problem With the Second Phase of Gentrification

Unlike a generation ago, today’s urban renaissance often displaces people and businesses. BY

Private-Market Misfires and Misconceptions

When government lets the market fix policy problems, it often fails. BY

What Would Happen If America Made Voting Mandatory?

Dozens of other countries force their citizens to participate in elections. BY

Battling the Blues in Rural America

Like most rural areas, Alaska suffers from high rates of mental illness and a deficiency of mental health providers. The state may have a solution. BY

Want to Impact Climate Change? One State Tells You How.

Massachusetts launched a website that details not just the effects of climate change but also how people can help. BY

When Height's Not Right for Urban Planning

We don't always have to build up to fit more people into a city. Vancouver and Seattle offer alternative solutions. BY

Why We Shouldn't Let the Sharing Economy Kill Zoning

The sharing economy is challenging the demand for land-use regulations, but they're still necessary. BY



Why Are Traffic Deaths Rising?

After years of going down, road-related fatalities went up last year. There's two big reasons for that. BY

America's Jails Have an HR Problem

Employees are often overworked and undertrained, putting themselves and the inmates they're supposed to protect at risk. BY
On Leadership

Patriotism and the Power of Public Spaces

Parks and other shared spaces can strengthen the bonds of citizenship, so why are they so underused? BY

As Water Utilities Move Online, Hackers Take Note

America's power grid has gotten a lot of attention, but water utilities are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. BY

How 'Philanthrocapitalism' Could Transform Government

Mark Zuckerberg has ushered in a new form of philanthropy that has the potential to bring about positive change BY

The Henhouse at the Executive Mansion

To fulfill a campaign promise, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe stocked his new digs with egg-laying chickens. BY

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