Cover Story

Meet the 2018 Public Officials of the Year

These honorees didn’t just set goals; they set ambitious, attention-grabbing goals that they're accomplishing.



Pension Politics: Should States Be Investing in Controversial Companies?

It’s an increasingly divisive question. If the goal is to affect change -- from gun control to climate change -- some argue that to divest is the best, while others believe pensions would have more power keeping their financial stake. BY

As Protections for Pregnant Workers Falter in Congress, States Step Up

The 1978 federal pregnancy discrimination law hasn’t kept up with changes in the workplace, and efforts to reform it have failed. BY



What J.B. Pritzker’s Election Means for Illinois

Of all the new governors, few will change the culture of their states as much as him. BY

Why More and More Cities Aren't Prioritizing Your Parking Troubles

Cities are eliminating requirements for new buildings to have parking. BY

Is Statehouse News Actually Declining, or Just Different?

There’s still plenty of coverage of governors and legislatures. But the void of newspaper reporters has been filled with partisan-slanted bloggers. BY

'Jenga Federalism': Trump's Method for Undoing Obama's Policies

The White House has learned that there’s more than one way to attack a liberal-leaning federal government. BY

Big Cities Are Getting Richer, Leaving Suburbs Behind

It’s a massive shift in the dynamic between outlying communities and urban cores. BY

Chronic Absenteeism a Major Problem in U.S. Schools

More than 15 percent of students are missing almost a month of school. Districts don't know how to address the issue. BY



Accounting for Oysters: The Importance of Fiscal Notes in Policymaking

As Maryland has learned, it’s crucial to know the costs of proposed legislation. BY
On Leadership

In Poverty Fight, Philadelphia Mayor Takes a New Tactic

Jim Kenney is focused on rebuilding public spaces that everyone uses as a way to address the highest poverty rate of any big U.S. city. BY

It’s Hard to Get Cities to Share Services. States Can Help.

Fiscal incentives can encourage local governments to consolidate redundant operations. BY

What GPS Has Taken Away

Paper maps help us know a place better. BY

With Child Homelessness on the Rise, What Can Schools Do?

"This is something that school districts are just going to have to plan for," says an education official in Washington state, which is proactively helping these students succeed and secure housing. BY

Under China's New Rules, U.S. Recycling Suffers

Some cities are closing recycling plants. Others are ending curbside pickup. For recycling to be sustainable, consumers must learn to sort their trash better. BY

Can a Park Heal Racial Rifts?

Photos and musings from our photographer. BY

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