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In Florida's GOP Primary for Governor, It’s Establishment vs. Trump

BY Alan Greenblatt

President Trump will stump for Ron DeSantis in the state on Tuesday. Regardless of who wins the primary, Democrats are hoping a blue wave will help them recapture the governor’s seat in November.



Building Homes in Flood Zones: Why Does This Bad Idea Keep Happening?

As cities try to manage their growth, the population of people living in flood-prone areas is actually rising faster than elsewhere. BY

America’s Coroners Face Unprecedented Challenges

Already short-staffed and underfunded, these offices have been hit hard by the opioid crisis. BY

'I'm Somewhere Bettering Myself': Prison Reform Unlike Any Other in America

North Dakota is conducting a prison experiment inspired by Norway, a country with recidivism rates three times lower than in the U.S. BY

Berkeley's Bold Bet on Bitcoin

The California city, known for its out-there policies, will be the nation's first to issue municipal bonds using cryptocurrency. BY

Welcome to Babcock Ranch: America’s First Solar-Powered Town

The Florida city bills itself as a utopia for the environmentally conscious. After decades of planning, people are finally starting to move in. BY



To Be, or to Disband? A Question Facing Shrinking Towns

One official in Pennsylvania wants to make it easier for municipalities to disincorporate. BY

Can States Tax Gas Stations on Tribal Lands?

After years of fights between Washington state and the Yakama Nation, the debate is heading to the U.S. Supreme Court. BY

Elon Musk Has Big Ideas, But Can Cities Make Them a Reality?

His vision for a network of tunnels in Los Angeles and Chicago shows that even the newest technology has its limits. BY

Out of Office But Not Out of the Conversation

Wisconsin's longtime transportation secretary stepped down last year but is still feuding with lawmakers. BY



Should Jury Convictions Be Unanimous? It's Complicated.

Two states still allow split-verdicts to send people to prison. That may change soon. But maybe it shouldn't. BY

How Do We Regulate Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies?

The digital currency market is changing so fast that any misstep could be huge. BY
Politics & Elections

Blue-State Seats Democrats Can't Win

Any blue wave would have to be pretty big to threaten these popular Republican incumbent governors. BY

With Opioids, Police Move Beyond Arrest-First Approach

Instead, they’re connecting drug abusers to substance treatment and other resources. BY

One of the World's Most Innovative Water Agencies Gets a New Leader

David Gadis, DC Water's new CEO, has big shoes to fill. He wants to make his own mark. BY

Why Cities Should Embrace ‘Slow Mobility’

It’s not necessarily about traveling far and fast. BY

Despite Political Divides, Suburbs Need Cities

Outlying communities and central cities should do more to work together. BY



Why School Spending Is So Unequal

Some districts spend two to six times more on students than other districts -- even in the same state. BY

Data-Based Decisionmaking Works Great, Til Someone Cheats

There’s a long list of government agencies that have fudged numbers in misleading ways. BY
On Leadership

How to Take Government Budgets Off Autopilot

To shape effective policy and keep their promises, politicians need to focus on outcomes. BY

For Muni Bond Sales, Brand Matters

Marketing is especially important for smaller local governments, and states have a role to play. BY

Behind the Lens: The Oldest Free Music Festival in America

Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza may be better known, but this festival has been going strong since 1924. BY


Deluges and Dollars

As Governing’s Mike Maciag writes in this issue, many areas of the country are seeing significant residential and commercial development on flood-prone land. BY

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