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Data Driven Audit and Risk Management for Government and Education

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Easy-to-use software for audit professionals to efficiently manage the entire audit workflow: Diligent enables Government and Education audit teams to effortlessly handle an end-to-end audit lifecycle management, empowering them to move beyond operational specialists to trusted advisors by delivering strategic, data-driven audit programs that empower leaders’ decision making. Unlike other Audit solutions, Diligent provides data automation and dynamic workflows so organizations can better support an agile, risk-based audit methodology.
Risk Management
Take Your IT Risk Management Program to the Next Level: Diligent's IT Risk Management (ITRM) solution, powered by HighBond, enables organizations to deliver a proactive, effective and robust IT risk management solution through a centralized and scalable cloud-based platform. Diligent's IT Risk Management solution is the foundational pillar that enables organizations to scale a proactive and truly integrated governance, risk, and compliance program across the entire company.
Internal audit ensures that internal controls are operating as they should and, as a result, helps your organization remain ahead of developing risks.

When working in an open and collaborative environment, auditors have the opportunity to not only identify problem areas, but also to provide strategic insights that will propel the organization forward.

Intuitive audit management software can access and analyze almost all audit data — no matter how dark it may seem — and prove the true value of the audit function in the process. Here are eight more ways audit management software can enhance your approach to audits

Regulations and organizational requirements are constantly evolving. Responsibilities are expanding, with senior leadership increasingly asking for a comprehensive view of audit status and organizational risk.
Risk Management
Amidst heightened uncertainty, more technology and security public sector leaders are turning to scientific models that can reduce their technology loss exposure, validate their decisions and demonstrate returns on their investments.
IT risk is constantly evolving because of changing regulations and the design of IT systems themselves. This can leave IT security teams confused about their role managing IT risks—and your organization exposed to compliance, third-party, and cybersecurity risks.
In this buyer’s guide, we explore what a market-leading ITRM program should look like, and highlight the key areas buyers should consider, including functionality, security, compliance and cost.
Cybersecurity typically resides in a separate world from governance, risk and compliance (GRC). Cyber teams monitor threats across networks and the digital universe, while GRC departments keep up with organizational compliance in the policy world..
IT Compliance Management
Virtually every sector faces an ever-growing and ever-changing number of regulations with which they need to comply. Every organization also faces the risks of failing to comply with its own internal policies and controls, spanning multiple financial and operational systems.
As cybersecurity breaches, fraud, third-party risk factors and compliance requirements intensify, it’s more important than ever for public sector organizations to maintain tight control on risk. Common controls play a big part in this.
The frameworks designed to build trust in data and network protection are numerous and evolving worldwide, from the United States government’s FedRAMP, which covers security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services, to the EU’s GDPR data standards covering privacy of personal data.
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