New Election Monitoring Platform Empowers Voters

MyFairElection aims to make voters more active in monitoring their polling places to improve the fairness and quality of the electoral process.
by , | November 1, 2012 AT 5:00 PM

When voters across the country go to the polls next week their experiences in casting ballots are likely to vary depending on their polling location or even their state of residence. For those looking  to take a more active role in monitoring their own quality of access and contributing to the improvement of the electoral process a new platform called MyFairElection will be invaluable.

Created through crowdsourcing spearheaded by the Ash Center for Democratic Governance at Harvard University the election monitoring platform has a range of features that can be accessed via smartphone or computer. Voters are able to rate the overall quality of their experience at the polls (from one to five stars) record wait times, write comments, and even upload photos. The site also provides information to voters including the location of their polling place, any voter identification requirements and real-time election day information like average wait times. The ultility of the platform will extend beyond November 6th, as voter inputs are translated into data-rich maps and displays that compare and rank states and localities and hopefully improve the quality of the electoral process in the future.