Nashville Library Delivery Service Boosts Literacy

Instead of waiting for students to go to the library, which can be difficult since most aren't of driving age, Nashville Public Library is bringing the books to them.
by , | December 1, 2011 AT 4:30 PM
woodleywonderworks/Flickr CC

 As of this year, all middle and high school students in the Nashville metro area can be bookworms without ever setting foot in a public library. With a few clicks, high school and middle students can check out books, DVDs and CDs online from Nashville Public Library and pick them up at their school. The online delivery service, called Limitless Libraries, has not only inspired more students to get library cards but also increased the library's circulation so much that its employees are having trouble keeping up with the demand. "It's a good problem to have [though]," the library's interim director, Tricia Bengel, told the Tennessean. And it's a problem that other school districts want. New York City started a similar program last month, and Boston and St. Paul, Minn., have also expressed interest in bringing it to their schools. Limitless Libraries started as a pilot in 2009 and its leaders hope to expand it to elementary schools next year.