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“Deploying drones in this way is a sci-fi-inspired scenario.”

Daniel Schwarz, a privacy and technology strategist at the New York Civil Liberties Union, regarding the New York City Police Department’s plans to use drones to monitor private parties in response to complaints over the Labor Day weekend. (Associated Press — Aug. 31, 2023)

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  • Lawyer Collyn Peddie, regarding the “nebulous” Texas law that would have limited cities’ abilities to write laws that don’t conform with state laws that regulate a variety of areas including transportation, agriculture, labor and property codes. The law, known as the “Death Star” bill, was ruled unconstitutional by a Travis County state judge on Wednesday, Aug. 30, just days ahead of Sept. 1, when it was scheduled to take effect. (KUT — Aug. 30, 2023)
  • Forest, a Maui disc jockey for Mana’o Radio in Wailuku, regarding the island’s economic reliance on tourism and how the recent Lahaina wildfires have discouraged many tourists from visiting the other 75 percent of the island that was left unscathed. Last year tourists spent $5.5 billion on Maui, and the island typically receives upward of 3 million visitors a year. (NPR — Aug. 30, 2023)
  • Dylan Pyles, co-founder of Kansas City-based group Liberation Lit, regarding Missouri’s new rule that will prohibit people incarcerated in state prisons from receiving books and other publications from friends and family starting Sept. 25 in an attempt to reduce the influx of drugs and other contraband into the facilities. Incarcerated people will now be required to buy their own books, magazines, newspapers and correspondence courses. The base salary for incarcerated people working in a prison is $7.50 or $8.30 per month, but could be as high as $80 per month; people in work release programs outside of prison make closer to minimum wage and those in Missouri Vocational Enterprises job training programs make 81 cents per hour. (KCUR — Aug. 29, 2023)
  • Eric Hitchner, an English high school teacher in Philadelphia, regarding the lack of air conditioning in his fourth-floor, 111-year-old classroom and how COVID-19 relief funds were spent on education tech, like smartboards, instead of cooling systems. Last September, when it was in the low 70s outside, Hitchner’s classroom was 86 degrees inside. Hitchner’s Philly school is one of the estimated 36,000 public schools nationwide that do not have adequate air conditioning. (NPR — Aug. 28, 2023)
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