State and Local Government Employment: Monthly Data

The chart below shows estimated month-to-month changes in total U.S. employment for state and local governments.

While the private sector has added jobs, governments continue to cut employment. States and municipal governments cut nearly 250,000 jobs in 2011. Local governments have fared the worst, with a steady decline in total employment dating back to 2009.

Select a category from the menu to view data for either local government, state government or combined totals. All Labor Department figures listed include those working in education.

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Significantly more state and local workers are retiring or quitting, according to a recent survey.

New data depicts weak job growth for all levels of government.

Hiring freezes, furloughs and other personnel cuts are slowly beginning to taper off in some of the nation's cities, a new report finds.

Despite the bleak employment outlook and negative rhetoric, recent surveys suggest enrollment for public administration programs and interest in government careers has increased.

Protesters outside the school district headquarters in Philadelphia.

The stimulus played a large role in propping up schools and other public-sector payrolls as agencies sought to stave off job cuts during the Great Recession. Where these jobs stand today, though, varies greatly.

View updated jobs data for each state.

While the federal government began to feel the effects of the sequester, localities have added jobs in recent months.

View data showing changes in total employment for each state so far this year.

The number of out-of-work teens and twenty-somethings climbed to record levels during the recession. View data for each state.

Manufacturing jobs account for a sizable portion of the employment base in many regions. Read our analysis of the top 10 areas, along with data for more than 300 metro areas.

State and local governments may start to hire, but employment remains below pre-recession levels.

View monthly changes in state and local government employment.

View updated job totals and unemployment rates for each state.

Localities have slashed an estimated 47,000 jobs, mostly teaching positions, since August.

State and local government employment fell slightly in October after revised estimates indicated the sector rebounded in recent months.

Jobless rates dropped in most swing states last month. View updated data for all 50 states.

Data shows how jobs requiring high educational attainment lead to a state's economic prosperity.

Revised figures in Friday’s jobs report show a noticeable jump in education jobs, with employment levels above last year.

Friday's jobs report marks a year of declining local government employment. Some, though, think the end of cuts is near.

State government employment and payroll figures by job type: 2010-2011

New data shows many state and local governments cut full-time staff last year while adding part-time workers.

The July jobs report shows an uptick in unemployment for nearly every state. View current and historical data for each state.

Most states’ fiscal outlook for the rest of the year is stable, according to an NCSL survey. View maps with projections for every state.

State governments cut 6,000 jobs last month, and localities haven't added total jobs in nearly a year.

Some states added jobs, but jobless rates increased for most states last month. View updated data for each state.

The U.S. economy added 80,000 jobs in June, unemployment remained steady at 8.2 percent and state and local governments added another 4,000 jobs, according to Friday's monthly employment report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

State and local governments have experienced a dramatic hiring rebound in the first four months of this year.

Employers added few jobs, while government employment remained mostly unchanged last month.

While most governments have made cuts, some states have added public sector jobs since the start of the recession.

Previous employment estimates showed local government cuts subsiding, but new figures tell a different story.

A new report from the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press finds that Americans continue have more favorable views of their state and local government, contrasting greatly with their views on the federal government.

View employment statistics for all levels of government and the private sector.

Seasonally-adjusted state unemployment rates, dating back to 2009

Seasonally-adjusted state unemployment rates, dating back to 2009

New data shows local public employee cuts have slowed. Does this mean governments are about to rehire?

A few states added significant jobs last month. See how your state's employment has changed over the year.

Jobless rates fell in most states last month. View updated totals for each state.