American Time Use Survey: 2003-2011

The American Time Use Survey measures how much time people spend performing a variety of daily activities.

The survey, conducted annually by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, collects data for segments of the population on time spent and the amount of people engaging in a particular activity.

Governing compiled survey data from 2003 to 2011 into the chart below. The major categories for time spent include:

-- Personal care activities
-- Household activities
-- Purchasing goods and services
-- Caring for and helping household members
-- Caring for and helping nonhousehold members
-- Working and work-related activities
-- Educational activities
-- Organizational, civic, and religious activities
-- Leisure and sports
-- Telephone calls, mail, and e-mail
-- Eating and drinking

Additional national data for select population groups is available on the survey website. Yearly estimates for each state are not published.

Select a time category in the chart to display data for the age 15 and over population.