Numbers of households with Internet access vary greatly by city, with some regions having significantly higher adoption rates than others. Factors influencing local Internet adoption include cost, availability and a city's demographics.

The latest census estimates suggest 79 percent of American households had some form of Internet access in 2013.

Internet connection rates for cities and incorporated Census-designated places with at least 100,000 residents are shown below. All types of Internet connections, including mobile broadband and dial up, are included.

SOURCE: Governing calculations of 2013 American Community Survey one-year estimates

Interpreting the Data

  • Estimates refer to percentages of total households, not individuals.
  • Total adoption rates include all connection types and households reporting Internet access without subscriptions.
  • Note than some smaller jurisdictions have higher margins of error. The Census Bureau published data for other localities not shown with fewer residents, but one-year estimates for these jurisdictions aren't as reliable.