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The mass exodus of baby boomers from the workforce has been a crisis in the making for years. Yet in many cases the public sector is still not prepared.
Once a relative novelty, communal living facilities continue to increase in popularity -- and they could become a key part of the way developers and cities accommodate an aging population. View our series on aging null
Once a relative novelty, communal living facilities continue to increase in popularity.
Most older Americans want to stay out of nursing homes. Tennessee helps them do that.
One in eight older Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease, costing the health-care sector up to $200 billion annually. So what are states doing about it?
Multi-generational and seniors-only co-housing developments like Liberty Village are redefining how seniors live before retirement and after.
Thomas M. Gallas, Chief Executive Officer, Torti Gallas and Partners in Silver Spring, Md., discusses redefining retirement and senior housing.
Brian O'Looney, Design Architect/Partner, Torti Gallas and Partners, in Silver Spring, Md., discusses designing a new generation of urban communities for seniors.
The 84-year-old Wisconsin Senator has more than 50 years of government service under his belt.
As Americans work longer, state and local officials worry a senior job training program doesn’t have the funding to meet its demand.
Henry Cisneros discusses his new book on senior housing and what local and federal governments need to do to address the housing needs of seniors.