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The Happy Factor: How Employee Morale and Wellness are Critical to Your Agency’s Success

One of the many lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic is that remote work works – employees are just as productive from their couches and kitchen tables, if not more so, than they are in an office environment. But as leaders look toward the future, and potentially long-term remote and hybrid work plans, how can they support employees in this new environment?

There are important questions to consider:

  • How do organizations ensure the right balance of work and family?
  • How do hybrid and remote work impact employee morale?
  • How can organizations best focus on employee physical and mental health moving forward?
Watch now as Governing and Government Technology talk with Bill Kehoe, CIO of Los Angeles County, and Fred Brittain, CIO of the State of Maine, about how they are leading in this new normal.

Fred Brittain, Chief Information Officer, Maine Bill Kehoe, Chief Information Officer, LA County, CA

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