Engaging Immigrant Entrepreneurs to Ensure Albuquerque's Business Climate is Supportive of All

The city of Albuquerque, a finalist in the second round of the City Accelerator, is focused on improving the business climate for local immigrant entrepreneurs through more effective public engagement.
by The City of Albuquerque | March 18, 2015 AT 11:00 AM
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What is Albuquerque proposing?

The city of Albuquerque is focused on improving the business climate for local immigrant entrepreneurs through more effective public engagement.

Albuquerque is working to ensure that interactions with local immigrant entrepreneurs shape policies intended to benefit them. Albuquerque's video captures the spirit of ‘deep-dive’ meetings that Mayor Richard Berry has conducted as a part of the city's work to date. Support from the City Accelerator would help Albuquerque refine its approach, explore policy solutions that come out of it and help it adapt the practice for entrepreneurs of different backgrounds.


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Michael Lorenzo

On: 06-12-2015

Great voices!


On: 05-06-2015

I moved to Albuquerque a couple years ago and am excited by the possibility of my city have a chance to participate in this program.


On: 04-03-2015

Just take care of the untrained, police who love to shoot to kill in ABQ, it has become a frightening city. Also believe "working with local immigrant entrepreneurs" is a "spin" comment. What the heck is local immigrants? My family came from X, X number of years ago. Aren't we all immigrants in one way or the other. Anyone who knows NM and ABQ, is aware the state relies heavily on tech transfer from the three National Labs and research universities. Call centers love New Mexico, majority of employees receive low wages


On: 04-02-2015

Hey! Makes me proud. Good work.

Tom Aageson

On: 03-28-2015

Thanks Brian. This move will result in strong new businesses among the immigrant community. What a fabulous idea. Makes good sense. Tom

Barbara Lemaire

On: 03-27-2015

Albuquerque is a great city for entrepreneurs. It has an active business community and they welcome newcomers.


On: 03-26-2015

Family care givers provide over one trillion in free labor per year to the nation in free labor and when the journey is done often are ill and have not even social security credits and exist often unseen as a sub class in total poverty in their own "golden years" having had no medical care, training, support or recovery mechanism...it is fine that there are programs to help everyone from immigrants to drug addicts to alcoholics, but the caregivers are forgotten. I had an idea, but I was abused for having an idea, now I get to freeze and starve to death slowly, rewards for a lifetime of service to others. This is probably a fine program, so sorry if I am just jealous...it happens when you are alone and hungry and sick and stranded and shivering is all. peace,

Kellie Tomlin

On: 03-26-2015

Would have liked more than one female in this video, otherwise great pitch!


On: 03-26-2015

p.s. According to Forbes, New Mexico is among the poorest five states in the Union; a state that has one of the highest percentages of households making less than $25k. Albuquerque has about a third of this states population and it is growing! Immigrants from other countries and from other states are making it home, but the resources and connectivity are not there to help them make their entrepenourial dream come true. The state does have a small group of businesses and individuals, engineers, scientists, PhDs, etc., but they are not enough to meet the needs of the "new locals" the need is there to develop tools and educate motivated individuals to help bridge the gap between the local government and the new immigrant who calls Albuquerque home now.

Jonathan Compton

On: 03-26-2015

Albuquerque is ethnically diverse in a way today is unique in the United States. The history and cultural heritage, both ancient and recent, make for a rich soil for creativity. Working effectively in Abq means possessing cross-cultural fluency almost to the degree of international business. An injection of capital into the operations run by entrepreneurs who already overcome these challenges would not only serve Abq. It would be an inspiration to others throughout an increasingly Hispanic and more culturally diverse United States.

E.M. Cala

On: 03-26-2015

It shows the variety of opportunities the city can offer anyone who has a wish to put their ideas into practice. Reaching out to this population in Albuquerque will not only help the state but the whole country as well.

Stephanie K

On: 03-26-2015

Collaboration is powerful!


On: 03-25-2015

Albuquerque has such potential! I hope this gets through all the way!!

Paul Sanchez-Hindi

On: 03-25-2015

Albuquerque is a great place to start a small business. We watch so many new business concepts thriving here from deep within our community. Opening up the rail yards was a great community efforts and way to connect many generations of entrepreneurs. I am proud to be from Albuquerque and watch the partnerships create ideas and jobs!


On: 03-25-2015

Great pitch. I hope ABQ wins.


On: 03-25-2015

Proud of the creativity in Albuquerque!


On: 03-25-2015

Great city! Great idea!