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Patrick Ibarra


Patrick Ibarra, a former city manager, owns and operates a Glendale, Ariz.-based organizational-improvement and efficiency consulting practice, the Mejorando Group. ("Mejorando" is Spanish for "getting better all the time.")

Ibarra also is an author, speaker, blogger and educator. He holds master's degrees in public administration and organizational development, and is a faculty associate member at Arizona State University, where he teaches a graduate course on organizational change.

He can be reached by phone at 925-518-0187, by e-mail at, on Facebook at and on Twitter at

It's essential for organizational success. And despite the public sector's unique challenges, it can be done.
Less than a third of government workers feel connected to their jobs. Improving that statistic should be a top priority.
To entice the talented, dedicated workers the public sector needs, there's no substitute for brand-building.
With the workforce and workplace changing rapidly, human resources needs to become a strategic partner.
With the workforce aging, identifying and nurturing talent within the ranks is more important than ever.
A robust career management program can pay dividends not only for employees but also for the governments they work for.
It's not enough to simply deliver services efficiently. The goal should be to create a sense of place.
It's not about simply delivering services more efficiently. It's about passion, surprise and invisible opportunities.
There's a lot that creative public leaders can borrow from the world of agriculture.
‘Design thinking’ is revolutionizing retailing, and it could revolutionize the delivery of government services.