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Kaiser Health News (KHN) is a nonprofit news organization committed to in-depth coverage of health care policy and politics.

Many COVID vaccine websites across the nation violate disability rights laws, blocking blind people from signing up or receiving information. In at least seven states, blind residents were unable to register without assistance.
Attorney General Xavier Becerra is optimistic about the fight, but if the court strikes down the health-care law the effect could be catastrophic. Experts don’t expect a decision from the court until Spring 2021.
Black Americans are disproportionately affected by the disease and the lack of testing. Black doctors have mobilized efforts to make testing more accessible for those without insurance or who are skeptical of new diseases.
Community hospitals took loan money from Congress to cope with the surge in patients during the height of COVID-19. But the loans will soon fall due and many medical centers don’t know how they will pay the money back.
There is no national data network that allows quick and effective responses to disasters or disease outbreaks. Many doctors still have to fax documents to public health agencies, a problem many want to change.
In some states, COVID-19 is classified as “ordinary disease of life,” like the flu, and is not covered by workers’ compensation. If it were covered, the health system could owe up to $16 billion in workers’ comp nationally.
An Austin neighborhood is designed for formerly homeless and includes some 3-D-printed houses. While it reduces price and time of construction, not all are convinced 3-D-printing is the solution to the housing crisis.
While congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump have been seeking major cuts in federal funding of Medicaid, 26 states this year expanded or enhanced benefits and at least 17 plan to do so next year, according to a report released Thursday.
A New York group seeks to show that a health coach who is also a neighbor can help patients and save money.
A prosecutor in Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane's looming criminal trial told a judge Tuesday that Kane's request to tell a jury about her unearthing of offensive emails would mire jurors in "a distraction, a red herring."