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J. Brian Charles


J. Brian Charles, is a journalist who writes about urban affairs, education, criminal justice, race and inequality. His work has appeared in The Trace, Vox, Governing, Playboy, Wired and the Baltimore Beat. 

It’s a tragedy for tenants when they can’t pay the rent. It can also be a disaster for small landlords who need that rent money to live on, not to mention local governments that depend on property tax revenue.
More and more communities are considering reviving an old tax idea that’s been tried in only a few places.
Making neighborhoods denser is an idea with growing appeal. The question is whether it works.
Chicago's new mayor is the latest to carve out a position for a chief equity officer who focuses on racial and economic diversity and discrimination.
It involves tweaking the tone and the look of letters home to parents.
But a handful of cities are starting to provide counsel in civil court.
Washington just became the first U.S. state to sanction "human composting," the latest eco-friendly alternative to traditional burial and cremation.
The city is the latest government to be targeted by hackers and forced to decide whether to pay to restore vital public services.
Initiative 300, a first-of-its-kind ballot measure that even divided advocates for the homeless, failed on Tuesday by an overwhelming margin.
From Boston to Miami, coastal cities are changing where and how developers can build in order to protect homes and property from future flooding.