Bo Menkiti  |  CEO, the Menkiti Group

Bo Menkiti, the founder and CEO of the Menkiti Group, has been active in Washington, D.C., real estate for over six years. He has received numerous awards and distinctions, including the National Association of Realtors' "30 Under 30" recognition.

Menkiti has a wide array of leadership and strategic-management experience in both the corporate and nonrofit sectors. He has worked with public-private partnerships and with local CDCs and community organizations around development-related issues.

Prior to founding the Menkiti Group, he served as the chief operating officer of College Summit, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the college-enrollment rate of low-income students, overseeing the organization's 400 percent growth from a local organization into a multi-site national organization serving more than 4,000 students. Before that, he served in a number of management-consulting positions at the Advisory Board Company, Atlantic Media and Prism Consulting International.

November 7, 2011

The Business of Social Innovation

Social enterprises—hybrid businesses whose profits support community needs—can be a strong force for local economic development and job creation.
April 20, 2010

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